Because You’re Special


Wouldn’t one (or all) of these trophy paintings by Charlotte Beaundry look just dandy hanging out all in a row in a hallway or settled above a mantle? There’s just something I find kind of brilliant about trophies as art.. at least in this beautiful simplicity.

It kind of makes me want to just draw some varieties of trophies and hang them in a row in the hallway (hmmmm).

We all certainly deserve / could use a trophy. An I-still-have-a-job trophy. A My-barista-totally-just-gave-me-my-latte-for-50-cents trophy. An I’m-keeping-my-chin-up-despite-the-world-keep-kicking-me-down trophy. An I-cleaned-the-whole-apartment-trophy.

You get the drift? Basically, we rock; have a trophy. An art trophy. You don’t even have to dust it. And with that, I’m off to bed.

Check out more of Charlotte’s work in the link at the top of this post, and/or her flickr stream.

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