I’ve been noticing a bit of a trend towards taxidermy lately. Artists and designers have been taking creatures out of the traditional super-stiff literal taxidermy traditions and having a little bit of fun. Katie Bode, imminent graduate of the Design and Technology program at Parsons School for Design, jumped into the wearables spectrum and took vintage fox stoles and made them do a little something special:

“FriendlyFox is the take anywhere, no-hassle furry friend for the modern girl. With soft pet-able fur and a pleasing, vibrating ‘purr’ sensation when you stroke its head, FriendlyFox is the perfect pet for those without the time or effort required for a ‘living’ pet that still want the pleasure of furry companionship.”

I’ve seen this critter in real life and it’s definitely a trip. What looks like a regular, albeit mildly creepy, vintage fox stole suddenly springs to purring life when you stroke its fur. No-hassle pet for our super-busy don’t-have-time-to-take-care-of-anyone-but-ourselves lifestyle or a reminder the fur was in fact home to a living creature (not that you can forget what with the eyes)? Imagine if a straight up fur coat (sans animal head) did the same, purring and making happy noises when it was pet. haha!

Regardless of your feelings on taxidermy and fur, you’ve got to admit to being a little tickled from the logo. Mr. Firefox gets a little loving!

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