*Achoo*: Tickling my nose AND tickling my fancy


Ladies and Gentlemen: For the first time in years I managed to stumble into Trader Joe’s when it was not a complete and utter mob scene – and any one who lives in NYC knows that “mob scene” is its usual state. This meant that I actually got to wander around and peruse a little. And I saw this tissue box and it filled me with a bit of glee:

Charming, is it not?! I have particularly potent allergies this year, and have a tendency (historically) to catch myself a cold or two over the winter; so, I know my tissue boxes, and you don’t find ones like this terribly often. Sure, the Grand Tissue Companies have been making an effort to put a little life into the typically yawn-worthy tissue box (much appreciated) but this one adds a little humor. The Someecards aesthetic, but a little friendlier. They even remind you to check your pockets for tissues before putting them in the wash; a reminder I could have certainly used at certain points in time.

Sweet, yes? A+ in packaging design, Mr. Trader Joe’s. Keep on rocking.

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