I ain’t no DJ but I do love my tunes


You recall that I dig record players, right? Isn’t this concept record player/CD player (dubbed “Zero .1”) from designers Francesco Cugusi and Roberto Strippoli super swanky? I’d love it even more if it were robins egg blue. Or yellow. A hint of retro to deflect from the otherwise uber-modernness. Hm.

Anyway, the swell thing about this lovely creature is that it allows you to play your records by the track, just like you do with a CD. That would be pretty nifty, wouldn’t it? Granted, there is a bit a charm in just sort of having to listen straight through…. you know how you can get stuck on one track to the detriment of all the other’s sometimes? Well, having to listen straight through could prevent that. And, also, it’s kind of fun to have to search for the song manually. Oh, the sweet needle-on-vinyl screechy scratch noise of my youth/college-days-when-my-roomie-had-a-record-player.

It’s the perfect time of year to be doing the charleston around the living room to the tune of 1920’s jazz records *sniffle*.

(AND the capability to, with the Zero.1 switch right after to, perhaps, one of the cringe-worthy CDs of my early teenage-hood that I still have hanging around…somewhere)

Via Yanko Design

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