The color I was talking about


Back when I first moved into the apartment in which I am presently living, I attempted to have a conversation with my brother about the colors I was contemplating painting this New Room. I think I got a little too intricate though, because when I said “I kind of want a purple-y mauve-y but greyed down with maybe a hint of rose so that it looks kind of Victorian-y but Victorian-y in a way that it’s like you’re visiting this old old mansion and this is what the walls look like after years and years of disuse, they used to be brighter but now they’re all musty dusty with time and memories and it’s almost more beautiful that way, y’know?!” he said he didn’t know. He had no idea what I was talking about. It was probably kind of like when I’d recruit him for help with some particularly difficult math type equation and he’d start rambling off all these numbers or variables or theories (?) and I’d be sitting there bobbing my head along like when you dangle something in front of a cat and they go cross-eyed trying to follow it. And when he was done he’d say, “Make sense?” And I would say that, no, it made no sense, you lost me about two steps in.

And this, my friends, is why a picture (or a step by step working out of an equation on paper so I can see it) is worth a thousand words. So, Mason, this is pretty much the color I was rambling on and on about…. I’m pretty sure at least.

Even if it’s not, it’s really pretty isn’t it? The light falls on it in such a lovely way. And I’m getting giddy thinking about incorporating some sage-y greens, green-ish yellows, and soft sunshine-y colors into the room….I think the bedspread might sort of had that kind of green in it. All kind of softer bright colors. Kind of French Macaron-y.

It sort of feels mildly akin to using a chocolaty brown or nice non-institutional gray. Neutral but color. But. That might only make sense in my head/my own little world. Like how in my world red can pretty much go with anything.

Yes, I get really riled up about color. *blushes*

photo by Simon Bates

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