The Great Downgrade


Conspicuous consumption; we all know that it’s just not cool anymore. So, now when you buy a fancy schmancy iPhone (because they are awesome, after all) you can buy a cover that takes it’s sexy appeal and brings it down a notch or ten. No sir, no need to buy a super pretty art cover when you can make your phone look like one of our former favorite phones and music devices that have been tossed around a little or a lot; like some old gadgetry you’ve taken apart and has a steampunky appeal; like a piece of the city’s sidewalk! I’m definitely a bit sweet on old-school Gameboy reminiscent cover pictured above by Michael Sison. I like how it has a hint of girlyness. Reminds me of my old gameboy on which I used to play my super rad Little Mermaid game.

We’ve got the zweiPhone stickers, which use photos of old, used mobile phones to “bring back a piece of classic design history on the back of blank and impersonal iPhones.” Their motto: downgrade today.

Paul Burgess’ Urban Dirty Collection. The grime and decay of cities can be beautiful. Dress your phone up with a grass/moss tinged sidewalk crack with“Greenary”, a “Grimey Grill”, or a rusty lock with “Got it on lock”.

The 80’s have long gone, but the era has been bopping around in fashion lately. Now you can have that boombox-to-your-ear look without the weight of the out of date real deal by using Lyle Owerko’s Boombox or Boombox II stickers. Oddly enough though, I’ve still seem a few fellows carrying around a smaller sort of boombox blasting music while lounging in Washington Square Park.

Steampunk-y renditions by Colin Thompson with his “Steampunk” ( the gears, perhaps of a steampuk phone revealed) and Underworld (the “interface”, perhaps, of said steampunk phone) stickers.

And, of course, you can always go for the straight of motherboard look. For the true tech-y. By Derek Prospero.

Intriguing little trend, is it not?

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