Hello my little robot friends!


I’m kind of smitten by Stephane Halleux‘s found object robot-esque creations:

“I like crazy mixtures, unlikely associations, advanced technology mixed with mechanisms of long ago. I’ve always been fascinated by robotics, its advantages and contradictions. The importance of robotisation and its increasing influence on mankind. Who never dreamt of owning a robot able to do the dirty work. But where are the bounds? How far is a robot useful to men and when does it begin endangering their life ? That’s what I want to make: caricatures of robots that have gone beyond the limits, all that with a fanciful vision of the future. The future we imagined some years ago: big computers full of cables with warning lights everywhere. That’s what I like: an old fashioned universe’s future.” -Stephane Halleux via

Frankly, I love that: an old fashioned universe’s future. I kind of want to adopt it.

They look like they popped out of some amazing fantasy stop motion film. They would be amazing in something like that because the amount of character and life in his work truly sets my heart aflutter. I really love the found objects and metals combined with the stitched together leather. Seriously, swoon.

The level of work that went into these is phenomenal. Please do go to his site where you can see them (and many, many others) in further detail.

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