If you’re a gal who has historically had really long hair, and have since chopped it (all) off you may, over time, realize you (sometimes somewhat desperately) miss the feeling of hair cascading down your shoulders and/or back. I know I do, at least now that it’s been three years since The Great Chop. While I do, and have, enjoyed the ease and simplicity my pixie ‘do has afforded me, I have found myself recently craving my hair. It’s mildly pathetic at times. And so, I’m working on growing it some, and we’ll see how my patience holds through all of the ensuing awkward phases that will accompany the growing (*ahem* the mid-lengths ((I’ve always wished that I could have magical hair like one of the dolls I had as a child where you could pull her arm one way and her hair would magically grow (!) and wind it the other way and it would shorten. Talk about setting up a girl for unrealistic expectations, sigh))).

Anyway, I stumbled upon some interesting jewelry and hair-wraps that, while shown on long haired ladies, may give us pixies a temporary quasi fix for those moments where we’re craving an interesting hair fix.

First up are intriguing offerings from the talented Jules Kim of BiJules:

The “Hairrings” are earrings with dangling pieces of human hair (in a variety of colors that are both natural and fun). I think these are pretty interesting, but I can be a bit of a klutz/space cadet at times (tripping over my own two feet, knocking over drinks, laughing the candles at a restaurant out, etc) so this worries me a little bit. I could see myself getting them stuck in the subway doors or something. Never fear, though, Bijules does have other options that don’t carry the risk of ripping a hole in your ear.

Jules also offers up the “hairwrap”, in which the hair is attached to a loop that wraps around your ear and the“weave lariat”, in which the hair is attached to lariats that loops around your (sun)glasses with an aided dash of chain.

(see and purchase at her aforementioned website or on 80’s purple and Pixie Market

In a less literal sense are some lovely pieces from Laura Kranitz:

Laura does a number of pieces that use chain and feathers of varying lengths and colors and some that just use chain (available at 80’s purple). While feathers are perhaps nearing the end of their course, I do really like the idea of that dangly, swooshy, sweeping feel of hair but in other materials.

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