Quite frankly, giddy (color lover’s delight)


I stumbled upon this photo over on Poppytalk earlier this afternoon and immediately swooned. If you’re a regular reader you may have a noticed a slight occasional fixation upon staircases. It might stem from my childhood in one-floor Florida where I never lived anywhere with stairs, and I’d watch all those tv shows or movies where ladies would dash up the stairs and slowly swoosh down in pretty dresses to a dramatic effect. And I always, always wanted to do that. Fights with my parents would be soooo much more dramatic if I could storm angrily up the stairs, like DJ Tanner of Full House (or any other show or movie with teenagers of the era). I fancied having guests show up and me calling down the stairs “just a moment!” and then I’d arrive at the top of the stairs in my pretty dress and swoosh my way on down. It seemed so grand in the movies.

Oh, childhood.

And then, I grew up and I moved up north for college where most places had stairs and then to NYC where EVERYPLACE has stairs. Turns out, not always so much fun (six floor walk-ups, *groan*). I think lovely staircases would make the many trips up and down a wee bit more enjoyable. Don’t you think? And Mr. Horst Gläsker did an absolutely lovely job of that in his Holsteiner stairs in Wuppertal. There are 112 steps dressed up in acrylic paint if you would believe it!

Personally, in my imagination those steps lead up to…

We could stage some elaborate Busby Berkeley-esque old school musical routine up them and into this gorgeous square. It would be swell and colorific, don’t you think? I’m fairly certain they don’t, in fact, lead here; but, with the magic of film we sure could make it look that way, right?! Right. Just imagine how gorgeous it would be to have a bird’s eye view to a slew of dancers atop….

Granted, it’s called “Crime Scene Paderborn”, and you can indeed see the body outlines from above… but it’s cheerfully macabre, pixelistic, typographically interesting (i have no idea what the letters stand for or spell) and overall quite thoroughly fabulous in my humble opinion. In regards to both the stairs and this square, I think part of what attracts me so, is the juxtaposition of that madcap crazy color with the otherwise sedate and oldschool style and color scheme of the rest of its surroundings. It so defiantly stands out, and yet manages to look “right”. It’s a surprising and delightful twist.

Now, have a listen to Seu Jorge‘s awesome Portuguese acoustic rendition of Bowie’s Life on Mar’s:

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  1. I love the idea of the colors drifting me away into another planet. Your website is incredible…you’re very original && creative…kudos to you! brilliant!

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