A loud hush, a quiet roar


Isn’t this little home absolutely dreamy? It combines some of my favorite things, like a little hidden bedroom nook, a spiral staircase, a whole gosh darned library, and a sweet little loft. If I could just colorize the place a bit it’d be a dream come true. In fact I love those brown pillars, and it could be fun to create some abstract-y leafy shapes at the top so that there were a bit of a treehouse feel (another favorite thing). Maybe using metal wire bent into leafy shapes. Maybe with some leafy bits of fabric dangling too. A really multi-textural, dreamy, magical sort of tree that’s open enough so that you can still sit on the upper loft and see straight out! It could be pretty amazing don’t you think?

And then I saw this stunning illustration by the talented Renee Nault just few minutes after I swooned after the above photo and fell in love with this piece, too. They sort of remind me of each other. They kind of sort of go together. I adore the way Renee elaborates on this piece:

This illustration accompanies a series of short pieces of writing, all of which are about how small moments can lead to larger ideas or epiphanies. So the figure under the tree is experiencing a seemingly mundane moment, while under the ground there’s a whole world unfolding. I think anyone who’s a big thinker or a big imaginer – anyone who has a rich inner life – experiences moments like these.

It’s perfect, that sentiment of a rich inner life. Of the life hidden beneath a seemingly quiet facade.

When you look at them side by side, it’s really clear, yes? It’s like the girl is standing on top of the loft with a few quiet books. She can travel down the staircase, like the roots of the tree, down and down until everything opens up. And there’s a whole little world right there. It’s perfect.

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  1. What a wonderful little room! I too love spiral staircases, lofts (And library lofts!?!? Does it get any better!?) and little cozy hideaway spaces. I was searching around the interwebs collecting photos and inspiration for a library room post and this is just the best! It’ll be up with a link to you by the end of the weekend. I’m so happy to have found you. :)

  2. Isn’t it just the dreamiest room?! Thanks for stopping by and linking, you have a lovely blog :). I agree, that if it were up to me there would most certainly be a heavier dose of color.

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