A well designed kick in the a$$ (for overthinkers ((not so)) anonymous)


I think. I think a lot. I like to look at things from alllll different angles, pick it apart, put it back together… you get the drill. (For some reason, the phrase mental origami popped into my head. And I like it. But. I’d have to think about it to see if it really, truly, adequately reflects this thinking process). A lot of times the thought put into things is beneficial, other times overwhelming and time-consuming and you find yourself in a labyrinth of possibilities, with no clear way out. Sometimes, you just need to hear a good old fashioned shut up and get on with it already (!) to get you back on track. These lovelies by Supermarket do it in such a nice, attractive way they manage to fill me with glee and shame me at the same time. And that, my friends, takes talent.

(I was going to say that I really need these on my studio wall so that I can look up at them the next time I am agonizing over something (that only seems) mundane (to the untrained eye!!) and receive a nice refreshing perspective. And then I realized that I actually should probably get these sayings tattooed onto my left arm, or maybe wrist. To remind me. Constantly. ((The other wrist would say, “You’re a total rockstar.”))


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