wooler + cooler


February is upon us, dear friends; and, it’s cold. Very cold. So cold that my ears hurt even though I had them tucked all snug in a bug in my little teal hat. Alas. There are a lot of places it’s colder. So, when I saw Ms. Rita Cordeiro’s gorgeous winter wares from her wooler line I couldn’t help but think they’d (help) take the edge off the gloom of coldverycold. Because, as you’ll see she does some splendidly wonderful things with color. And not only that, but all her hats and neckwear (and pieces that do double duty) made from Portuguese wool look oh-so-very snuggly. Cheerful color + copious coziness = maybe, possible venturing outdoors when the wind feels like cold little knives.

With a teeny bit more investigation, I found the button to Rita’s other shop cooler, where she works her excellent color sense and crochet skills into some lovely and unique textile jewelry.

And now, the proof:

Lovely, yes? I’m going to post now, lest I spend even more time pondering if I should be switching pics around. Go on ahead and visit her sites yourself to see more :)

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