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Paint chips: the art supply that comes free evolves


I love paint chips. A lot. Really. In case you hadn’t noticed. I’ve been using them to decorate in a number a different ways since 2005 or so, but I had not thought of using them like this:

Veronica Diago, (via)

John “Eric” McGrew of Amidst Blog, (via)

Peter Combe

Peter Combe

The “blop” lamp created by emocja studios.

Definitely interesting to see paint chips used in a different but still recognizable form. With all of the recent love of both paper as a medium and paint chips used as decoration ( you’ve seen the rampant posting of paint chip walls and pixelated-esque murals on the web, no doubt) and not just for their intended decision-making function, it makes sense that the two would eventually merge into a hybrid. The idea makes me excited. And it’d certainly be fun if it caught on. Especially since paint chips are free. 0:)

DIY craft evolving into art = yay

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Sew little time


I like pincushions and I like watches. So, when I spotted this little ditty by litteclouds I felt a little giddy. It’s perfect. And I love stuff like this. It’s handy AND it’s like a voodoo doll/object for that never(!) enough(!) time(!) feeling we all get sometimes.

Maybe you remember the project in the young days of Thoroughly Modern Tilly where I made a lip gloss “watch”, after discussing why I love things like the watch pincushion above – click the pic to check it out:

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Rad bags


I’m in need of a new bag, my loves. One of those ones that goes diagonally across my body so that I don’t break my back carrying my world around with me (starts thinking/singing I’ve got the wholllle world. In my hands. I’ve got the whollle world.In my hands… – you know how it goes. And it’s okay if you don’t, because then it would be stuck in your head,too). *Ahem*.  Also. I’m particular. Picky. Choosy. I want it to be stinkin’ perfect. Especially since it’s not as though I’m rolling in the dough. And the funny thing is, I find a lot of bags too froo-froo. Too girly/tough with gobs of obnoxious hardwear. I want something simple. But nice. And that is damned hard to find, and so when I find something I like I get really excited only to find out it costs a ton. Why oh why does simple cost a ton?!

Granted. A lot of the “simple” I’ve been liking so far also happen to come in nice leather. Like these handmade ones by Maxim Sharov (a lot of the site is in Russian, so I don’t even have any idea how much these are):

I was led to this one because I first saw it in a lovely brown. Then I noticed it came in red. RED! A perfect shade of red. You have noticed that red is one of my favorite colors, right? If you don’t, know you do. (I’m still in need of a new pair of little red shoes *pout*)

And then there was this Dear. A nice simple shape in a popping blue. Which contrasts really nicely with the warm straps. I’m always a fan of a nice pop of color.

So simple. In a perfect dark chocolate-y brown. It feels very, hey, I just found this totally gorgeous piece of leather and I folded it together a bit and now it’s a bag. It’s tough but gentle, you know?

Then there’s this pretty lil thing from JCrew(!). It’s by Belstaff and is a replica of the bags NYC postmen would carry in the 1930’s (*heart*). Seriously, I could fit a LOT in here.

I’m also fond of this awesomely kelly green laptop bag from Bythreads. I’d jump for joy like this guy, too, if I had this bag (especially if I had a new laptop to go in it (someday )) even if it would just fit my computer..

(Granted, I’d also really, really, really, love this bookbook laptop case. ((which many of you have probably already seen))

Really love. I wonder if this would fit in the green laptop bag. But. That may be too much awesomeness for anyone to stand.)

Now this one is a nice bucket of sunshine. Pretty darn simple and bare, except for Orla Kiely’s signature leafy pattern perforated into the leather. So it has some ladylike details but not too much. And it’s so cheery, too. Cheery would be nice right now, in this icky February weather.

Aren’t these all very lustworthy? Quality is most definitely sexy.

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Wooden blocks & polka dots


I’m rather enjoying this “Unbreakable” necklace as created by Kristina of the popular blog Kris’s Color Stripes. I love the colors, and the variety of sizes. How it’s large but not overwhelming, and how it doesn’t look too contrived. I like how they bump and smush against each other a bit. Pics of the process excited me even more:

All the little wooden balls seeped in color look so jolly. And then it struck me! They look kind of like polka dots. I’ve always been a fan of polka dots. I’d love to get my hands on those beads! Kristina’s site informs that she’ll be selling something similar soon in her shop, which is exciting. But also makes me think about making big funky necklaces myself. Especially when I remembered this:

This fun and colorful little ditty was created by artist Merrilee Liddiard while playing with her son and his educational lacing beads. I wholeheartedly agree with her “inspiration can be found in the oddest of places” sentiment, as expressed on her lovely blog Mer Mag. I can’t lie. Getting a set is kind of tempting….

And/or figuring out other fun large things to use to make fun, kooky, chunky, lovely bold jewelry that doesn’t take itself too seriously. :)

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An experiment!


So. My Valentine’s Day plans have been delayed to another day. And I had toyed around for a few days or so about making a Facebook fan page for the blog for you guys…. and so I did. It’s an experiment (!!). Since not everyone uses twitter or tumblr. And not everyone would necessarily want to be my actual factual facebook friend and be subjected to “OMG! My phone crapped out on me, and I feel naked without it, and I’m running to the apple store to BEG them to fix it,” sorts of status updates. And not every one of my actual factual facebook friends (like ones who sat behind me in math class in 7th grade, for instance) would want to know about new posts or super cool web finds. And that’s kind of what I wanted to do for those of you who like my tastes, and want to be a little closer without being close enough to know when I have a cold. Since everyone (almost) is on Facebook, even my parents, so this way I like to hope everyone can participate and converse and interact. You know, maybe. And I can give you guys heads up to cool and interesting stuff on the web and/or in my day to day life, that may or may not be worthy of a whole big blog or reblog post. We can be all nice and chummy and hopefully not shy. So feel free to join up, and give feedback or say hi or whatever you feel like!

I did it impulsively so it’s kind of bare bones at the moment.

But let’s be friends!

*shuffles feets awkwardly and backs away*

This is (he)Art


If you look carefully, live with your eyes open, and have a little patience you can find beauty in the most unexpected places. Photo is by the talented and patient street photographer Matt Stuart, who captures some pretty neat photographs just by hanging around camera ready. If you’re in London, you should catch his show.

This photograph was surreptitiously shot by someone of artist Tino Seghal‘s piece “The Kiss” at his present show at the Guggenheim, which I read about in this NY Times article (where I grabbed the photo from, as well) one morning when I was struggling to wake up. His work doesn’t belong on a wall, nor does it belong in a theater. His works are not designed to be experienced passively. The artist doesn’t believe in so much creating of material works (which isn’t to say his pieces aren’t bought and sold), but in creating experiences that make you think, feel, interact. Social encounters. His piece, for instance, entitled “This Progress” involves actually talking, interacting, thinking with the art. The routines are the same, but every time the piece is seen it becomes different because the participants are different. You, in essence (at least in my opinion), become a part of the art.

And I can’t lie, I kind of wonder what would happen if someone (a couple not affiliated with his “Kiss” piece) or a group of someone’s went there and started kissing, embracing, and being lovey-dovey along with the “Kiss”couple. Would somebody say something? Would people just assume it was all a part of his work? What if we staged some whole Kiss-In. Like flash mobs, like the pantsless subway ride. But with necking. And if we (one extra couple or a whole swarm) get busted, can’t we all just say:

“Hey! I’m art.”

(because if poetry, and paintings, and photographs ((etc)) which aim to capture the beauty and/or surreality of reality are art…. then aren’t the moments they’re inspired by art in and of themselves)((maybe?)).


Happy Valentine’s Day. xo.

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Anatomy of a dress


In the closet of my studio, I have a large bag filled with many 2 gallon sized Ziploc bags, each of which contains the pattern pieces to one of my design projects in college. It seemed like a good idea to save them, considering how much work I put into their creation; but, I’ve never been quite sure what exactly to do with them.

In addition to being a saver, I’m also a fan of putting strange things on my wall as decoration. Always have been. I’d buy a box a pretty notecards, and hang them on the wall. I’d buy old records, not necessarily for the music (until I got ahold of a record player, at least), but because they were pretty. And onto the wall they went. Purses. Clothes. Paint swatches. Old sheet music. A period where I was obsessed with aluminum tape(…). Pennies. And an endless stream of etceteras. All standard fare in my decoration handbook. So, of course I’ve pondered decorating my wall with all of those dear, lovingly handmade patterns of mine. But I wondered if it’d be too odd. Or something? But! Then I saw the lovely above photo by Italian fine artist Maurizio Pellegrin and I smiled. Because it looks oh so intriguing and classy. And I love how he incorporates the dress and other elements. The chaos is organized. It has a nice visual texture.

My pattern paper, though, is stark white and splashed with numbers and letters and x’s in addition to my hand jottings. Not sure how it’d look up against my already stark white walls (which I ought to do something about anyway…). Also, being fond of somewhat complicated garments (considering, at least, that I barely knew how to sew upon entering design school) and very full skirts, a lot of the pattern pieces are very oddly shaped. Could be fun though, to have them all jumbled up. I could have a party and play a game with all of my design novice friends called “Guess what part of the garment this piece belongs to !!!!”.

Could be practical, too. Small pattern pieces can get lost and misplaced very easily. Don’t ask how I know.


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