An experiment!


So. My Valentine’s Day plans have been delayed to another day. And I had toyed around for a few days or so about making a Facebook fan page for the blog for you guys…. and so I did. It’s an experiment (!!). Since not everyone uses twitter or tumblr. And not everyone would necessarily want to be my actual factual facebook friend and be subjected to “OMG! My phone crapped out on me, and I feel naked without it, and I’m running to the apple store to BEG them to fix it,” sorts of status updates. And not every one of my actual factual facebook friends (like ones who sat behind me in math class in 7th grade, for instance) would want to know about new posts or super cool web finds. And that’s kind of what I wanted to do for those of you who like my tastes, and want to be a little closer without being close enough to know when I have a cold. Since everyone (almost) is on Facebook, even my parents, so this way I like to hope everyone can participate and converse and interact. You know, maybe. And I can give you guys heads up to cool and interesting stuff on the web and/or in my day to day life, that may or may not be worthy of a whole big blog or reblog post. We can be all nice and chummy and hopefully not shy. So feel free to join up, and give feedback or say hi or whatever you feel like!

I did it impulsively so it’s kind of bare bones at the moment.

But let’s be friends!

*shuffles feets awkwardly and backs away*


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