This is (he)Art


If you look carefully, live with your eyes open, and have a little patience you can find beauty in the most unexpected places. Photo is by the talented and patient street photographer Matt Stuart, who captures some pretty neat photographs just by hanging around camera ready. If you’re in London, you should catch his show.

This photograph was surreptitiously shot by someone of artist Tino Seghal‘s piece “The Kiss” at his present show at the Guggenheim, which I read about in this NY Times article (where I grabbed the photo from, as well) one morning when I was struggling to wake up. His work doesn’t belong on a wall, nor does it belong in a theater. His works are not designed to be experienced passively. The artist doesn’t believe in so much creating of material works (which isn’t to say his pieces aren’t bought and sold), but in creating experiences that make you think, feel, interact. Social encounters. His piece, for instance, entitled “This Progress” involves actually talking, interacting, thinking with the art. The routines are the same, but every time the piece is seen it becomes different because the participants are different. You, in essence (at least in my opinion), become a part of the art.

And I can’t lie, I kind of wonder what would happen if someone (a couple not affiliated with his “Kiss” piece) or a group of someone’s went there and started kissing, embracing, and being lovey-dovey along with the “Kiss”couple. Would somebody say something? Would people just assume it was all a part of his work? What if we staged some whole Kiss-In. Like flash mobs, like the pantsless subway ride. But with necking. And if we (one extra couple or a whole swarm) get busted, can’t we all just say:

“Hey! I’m art.”

(because if poetry, and paintings, and photographs ((etc)) which aim to capture the beauty and/or surreality of reality are art…. then aren’t the moments they’re inspired by art in and of themselves)((maybe?)).


Happy Valentine’s Day. xo.

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