Wooden blocks & polka dots


I’m rather enjoying this “Unbreakable” necklace as created by Kristina of the popular blog Kris’s Color Stripes. I love the colors, and the variety of sizes. How it’s large but not overwhelming, and how it doesn’t look too contrived. I like how they bump and smush against each other a bit. Pics of the process excited me even more:

All the little wooden balls seeped in color look so jolly. And then it struck me! They look kind of like polka dots. I’ve always been a fan of polka dots. I’d love to get my hands on those beads! Kristina’s site informs that she’ll be selling something similar soon in her shop, which is exciting. But also makes me think about making big funky necklaces myself. Especially when I remembered this:

This fun and colorful little ditty was created by artist Merrilee Liddiard while playing with her son and his educational lacing beads. I wholeheartedly agree with her “inspiration can be found in the oddest of places” sentiment, as expressed on her lovely blog Mer Mag. I can’t lie. Getting a set is kind of tempting….

And/or figuring out other fun large things to use to make fun, kooky, chunky, lovely bold jewelry that doesn’t take itself too seriously. :)

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  1. Hey Mallory! I do agree they’re awesome, but I did not make them (or at least haven’t tried yet, heh). The first one was a project from Kris’s Color Stripes (http://color-stripes.blogspot.com/). I would imagine the wooden beads were bought (or drilled?), painted, and varnished. That’s my brief, unresearched guess. But do feel free to head over there and ask her, and/or should i attempt to do something similar I’ll post a how-to. Also, sounds like she’ll be selling something similar in the not too distant future, so that’s always an immediate gratification option. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Cool, thanks for the info. I’ve made dyed wooden beads with wooden beads you can find at the craft store – you can see the how to on my blog – but I love the super shiny beads she has done. Maybe the missing step is the varnish. :)

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