Rad bags


I’m in need of a new bag, my loves. One of those ones that goes diagonally across my body so that I don’t break my back carrying my world around with me (starts thinking/singing I’ve got the wholllle world. In my hands. I’ve got the whollle world.In my hands… – you know how it goes. And it’s okay if you don’t, because then it would be stuck in your head,too). *Ahem*.  Also. I’m particular. Picky. Choosy. I want it to be stinkin’ perfect. Especially since it’s not as though I’m rolling in the dough. And the funny thing is, I find a lot of bags too froo-froo. Too girly/tough with gobs of obnoxious hardwear. I want something simple. But nice. And that is damned hard to find, and so when I find something I like I get really excited only to find out it costs a ton. Why oh why does simple cost a ton?!

Granted. A lot of the “simple” I’ve been liking so far also happen to come in nice leather. Like these handmade ones by Maxim Sharov (a lot of the site is in Russian, so I don’t even have any idea how much these are):

I was led to this one because I first saw it in a lovely brown. Then I noticed it came in red. RED! A perfect shade of red. You have noticed that red is one of my favorite colors, right? If you don’t, know you do. (I’m still in need of a new pair of little red shoes *pout*)

And then there was this Dear. A nice simple shape in a popping blue. Which contrasts really nicely with the warm straps. I’m always a fan of a nice pop of color.

So simple. In a perfect dark chocolate-y brown. It feels very, hey, I just found this totally gorgeous piece of leather and I folded it together a bit and now it’s a bag. It’s tough but gentle, you know?

Then there’s this pretty lil thing from JCrew(!). It’s by Belstaff and is a replica of the bags NYC postmen would carry in the 1930’s (*heart*). Seriously, I could fit a LOT in here.

I’m also fond of this awesomely kelly green laptop bag from Bythreads. I’d jump for joy like this guy, too, if I had this bag (especially if I had a new laptop to go in it (someday )) even if it would just fit my computer..

(Granted, I’d also really, really, really, love this bookbook laptop case. ((which many of you have probably already seen))

Really love. I wonder if this would fit in the green laptop bag. But. That may be too much awesomeness for anyone to stand.)

Now this one is a nice bucket of sunshine. Pretty darn simple and bare, except for Orla Kiely’s signature leafy pattern perforated into the leather. So it has some ladylike details but not too much. And it’s so cheery, too. Cheery would be nice right now, in this icky February weather.

Aren’t these all very lustworthy? Quality is most definitely sexy.

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  1. These bags are GORGEOUS and very inspiring thanks for picking them out! Makes me feel focussed, wanting to go right out and BUY. I agree, all the hardware on a lot of bags is now officially ridiculous.

  2. Oh, you’re welcome Deirdre! Indeed there is way too much extraneous and unnecessary hardware and fussiness on some/a lot of bags.

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