Paint chips: the art supply that comes free evolves


I love paint chips. A lot. Really. In case you hadn’t noticed. I’ve been using them to decorate in a number a different ways since 2005 or so, but I had not thought of using them like this:

Veronica Diago, (via)

John “Eric” McGrew of Amidst Blog, (via)

Peter Combe

Peter Combe

The “blop” lamp created by emocja studios.

Definitely interesting to see paint chips used in a different but still recognizable form. With all of the recent love of both paper as a medium and paint chips used as decoration ( you’ve seen the rampant posting of paint chip walls and pixelated-esque murals on the web, no doubt) and not just for their intended decision-making function, it makes sense that the two would eventually merge into a hybrid. The idea makes me excited. And it’d certainly be fun if it caught on. Especially since paint chips are free. 0:)

DIY craft evolving into art = yay

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  1. ZOMG!! o_O I’m more than inspired…. I’m THRILLED! I’m obsessed with color… paint, paint chips, you name it. Everything I design has color. I mean, black and white are colors too, as black is the absence and white is the presence of all colors. But they lack the life and luster –and vibrance– of hues. I’ve never gone further than hoarding paint chips or using them in scrapbooks. Had I the time, I think I’d be making modern wall decor as well. Simply amazing, I love them all. Awesome post!!

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  3. Love it! In my line of work (interior design), I end up with tons of out-of-date and extra paint samples. Much to my husband’s chagrin, I have a rather large stash of them in my closet, just waiting for inspiration (and time) to create something from them. This post is inspiring – thanks!

  4. So glad you’re inspired! I, too, design everything with color. It really is everything. :)

  5. Those amazing. I never thought of using those to create and art. I guess I have to step up my creativity level. I am feeling Peter Comb design that is over the fire-place with the two black chairs. I looks as if there are randomly in place but looking at it in all it makes a pleasant color scheme and image from my perspective.

  6. cool! I have been seeing paint chip murals on the web. Very creative! Gloris

    p.s. do you have any suggestions — books, videos, web-sites,etc. for learning color theory?

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  8. We did this in my color theory class.. I wish I would have gotten more into it, though. These are BEAUTIFUL! IT makes me want to whip out my exacto and get to cuttin’

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. I have always ADORED the paint chip section of any store, first of all because of all the colors there, consider the possibilities. But also, because of all the possible projects that paint chips launch.
    Oh, I am so inspired! Thanks for posting!

  10. I was just talking to my hubbs the other night about how I needed to get some paint chips to use in my collages. These pictures are awesome.

  11. Hello Tilly,

    While I appreciate your posting of my work, the correct spelling of my name is Peter Combe. You neglected to add the ‘e’ in Combe. Also I do photo-realistic work with paint chips, click link to see –

    Happy paint chip punching! Peter

  12. Hi Peter!

    So very to have miss-spelled your name! Fixed it immediately :). Saw your photorealistic work – very lovely and I seriously admire the patience and planning that must have took. I was actually imagining hole punching paint chips and playing with them this afternoon! Thanks for doing lovely work. -Tilly

  13. So glad you all liked the post and were inspired. Definitely grab some paint chips of your own and get creating :)

    Michelle: love the incorporation of thread and sewing! thread is something else i have a large collection of. also enjoy the thoughts on social networking and online vs offline communication and “selves” we create through each different medium (i also have friends who create social networking sites/apps). :)

    Gloris: Don’t have any particularly culled knowledge of color theory books/info, but if I come across anything fantastic I’ll post here, or let you know! Of course, there’s always the option of heading to a good bookstore and perusing through a bunch of them to see what calls to you. :)

    johnryanrecabar: Hmm. Yes I think I could see that. At least with Veronica Diago’s elephant. I’m pretty sure my mom may’ve had a dress with a quasi similar print.

    Thanks to all of you for commenting and stopping in! Hope to see you all again. :)


  14. wow… tilly you are full of inspiration… your wordpress really inspire :)
    i really love it..

    i just stop by in wordpress just to know wether i could register or not
    and i found yours…

    i really love the paint chips… bumberous colors there but i still can enjoy the color without hurting my eyes :P i mean the tone is enjoyable … i love it.. really… and wondering what exactly the chips for ? :)

    nice to know your site..
    maybe latter i’ll add you in facebook


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  16. These look awesome! Never thought to use paintchips for art. Definitely on the to-do-list next time we’re down at the paint shop. :)

  17. How cool! It’s great to find creative ways of using free things like paint chips. They (paint chips, that is) have such a diverse color range and are very versatile.

  18. I have a thing about colors too. I love color. Now I know there is a name for it and there are many of us!
    Whew. Thank you. Best wishes with your decorating.

  19. So lovely to see so many color fans!

    Sophie – Thanks so much for stopping by, and so glad you find the site inspiring! That was one of my hopes when creating it. Paint chips are little pieces of paper produced by paint companies so that you can try out / see paint colors before making a paint purchase and painting an entire room before realizing the new color doesn’t go at all with your favorite rug. Stuff like that, basically. :)

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