Daily Pixels


Stumbled upon Jacob Zanella‘s project My Daily Color Palette the other day and just had to share because it’s such a lovely concept. It’s like a personal Kris’s Color-Stripes & Wear Palettes with a touch of science and pixel-ly goodness tossed in. It certainly makes for an interesting presentation! Jacob describes his method as:

I’m divided into 100 parts (100 little squares), each representing a color I’m wearing (skin included). So it goes from bottom to top (bottom being shoes and top being hair, hat, etc). If you see a large block of one color (which is common because my clothes are mainly one color only) it means I was wearing a solid-color sweater or a solid-color jacket, for instance…[I] reproduce that observation digitally, through RGB combinations. No software or programming is involved in the making of the graphs.

Lovely, no? Makes me wonder what my daily color palettes would look like, since I’m so often super colorful. Hmm.

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