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Simple Singular Sensations


There’s something about this dishware that strikes me as brilliant.

Artist Paola Navone was given white porcelain “seconds” from the famous Tuscan crockery factory of Richard Ginori which she subsequently gave new life with her free form swatches of color. Merci Gallery has turned them into one-of-a-kind pieces for an exhibition, after which the pieces will be sold.

I’ve always thought there was some unique sort of beauty about the surfaces (paper, napkins, etc) that artists/designers/etc. use to test out colors. You can still get a sense of colors incorporated into a final piece, but there’s also a hint of the thought processes behind those choices and the sometimes perhaps interesting in the nature and style in which some one just sort of throws the color down.

It’s really interesting to see that free nature of color swatching tossed onto formal dishware. Pieces that when they do have designs on them, are usually on the formal and well-thought-out side of design. This is somehow the equivalent of wearing both high and low priced clothes at the same time,  of that one slightly “off” thing that makes an outfit interesting. There’s something mildly audacious about it… Like a grown-up version of the coloring on the walls that got you in trouble as a kid.

more on designboom

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ring ’round your ear


I’ve been in love with Poras Chaudhary’s photos from India’s Celebration of Colors for some time now. The depth and intensity of the colors are positively exquisite and, as a profound lover of color, I bet this would be an amazing event to experience. The pics have been circulating the web for months, and rightly so; so, I thought I’d highlight this one photo from the series because I really really like what this fellow did with this necklace (?). I loved it so much I immediately tried to recreate the look with a fairly similar necklace that I own but, alas, the chain was a bit too thick, and so the effect wasn’t nearly the same. I’d like to investigate making one… but who knows if I can even wear it with the aplomb and tranquility of this fellow.

It does, of course, give me some ideas.

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Sitting Pretty


I really dig this idea of covering chairs in dresses! Could be a good way to use pretty vintage ones that don’t quite fit but that you are too fond of to give away while at the same time adding a beautiful, interesting design element to a room.

Also, that’s a really nice shade of grey. Looks lovely with the yellow.

Spotted on Desire to Inspire, photo by Damian Russell

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Happy Mother’s Day!


I wanted to post a video that used to be up of little Capucine blowing kisses to her momma in an incredibly adorable fashion, but both understandably and unfortunately it’s been made private. And then, late last night while I was in the shower scrubbing the day away I had an idea. It was originally just to put two pics of my mum and I at similar  ages that I happened to have side by side, because we look so much alike… and then. Oh, and then: The middle of the night creative bug hit and I wound up playing around until an hour closer to when my mom gets up before I shuffled myself off to bed.

And this is what happened.

Happy Mother’s Day to my momma and all the momma’s out there! xo

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Because You’re Special


Wouldn’t one (or all) of these trophy paintings by Charlotte Beaundry look just dandy hanging out all in a row in a hallway or settled above a mantle? There’s just something I find kind of brilliant about trophies as art.. at least in this beautiful simplicity.

It kind of makes me want to just draw some varieties of trophies and hang them in a row in the hallway (hmmmm).

We all certainly deserve / could use a trophy. An I-still-have-a-job trophy. A My-barista-totally-just-gave-me-my-latte-for-50-cents trophy. An I’m-keeping-my-chin-up-despite-the-world-keep-kicking-me-down trophy. An I-cleaned-the-whole-apartment-trophy.

You get the drift? Basically, we rock; have a trophy. An art trophy. You don’t even have to dust it. And with that, I’m off to bed.

Check out more of Charlotte’s work in the link at the top of this post, and/or her flickr stream.

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Rock that pale skin: Parasols


Saturday was a beauuuuutiful day here in New York City. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and it was the first time in a long time that it was A-OK to wander around outside sans cardigan, tights and/or socks. It was heaven, I assure you. I bubbled with joy at the feeling of the sunshine on my shoulders and the swish swash of my massive crinoline rustling against bare legs ((I decided that the weather warranted full on red-lipped, full skirted dress attire)).

The sun was very happy, too. So very happy that it went and burnt my freshly uncovered shoulders. Go figure.

C’est la vie,
shame on me.
Shoulda thought ahead
and put on sunscreen.


Rocked a:


The light went off when I saw the above lace-y confection over at Mod Cloth last night. And I remembered the children’s umbrella that was shaped like a parasol with ladybugs on it that I adored using for a few years until it finally was taken down by a particularly windy rainstorm (*tear*). And I thought, yes! Yes! It would be nice to tote one of these around, especially if they could come in pocket size, to help supplement your sunscreen/sunblock, or to give you a hand in the fight against burning should you forget and/or not want to smell sunscreen-y. And it would be so very classy-lady, too.

They’re sometimes called sun umbrellas, too, and can come with a UV coating. Or, you can just find a particularly pretty umbrella that doesn’t look too umbrella-y.

This one is an umbrella, but I think it would be adorable and believable as a parasol. Nice because you could use it in in sun OR rain, and still look charming. From Amazon

Jedi Creations has some lovely options that have a classic paper parasol appeal, but many can be or are waterproofed. Because, while you might intend to only use them in the sun, sometimes you never know when you’ll come into contact with water, and it would be a pity for it to be completely destroyed.

This lovely bit of chic simplicity by Longwood Living is an umbrella with UV protection. So you can use it no matter the weather! It’s also made sustainably with bamboo, a patent pending clear canopy, is completely biodegradable, and will allegedly stand up to high winds and heavy downpours. Can’t say I’m not intrigued.

Isotoner makes these two lovely vintage inspired stick umbrellas that are pretty enough to use when the sun is shining.

And last, but certainly not least, is Elena Corchero‘s absolutely stunning Solar Vintage parasol (*ahem* I seriously want this):

Ms. Corchero uses solar cells, resisters, and LED lights integrated into antique and hand-embellished fabrics wired together into circuits using conductive thread for this grouping of accessories. The objects, in this case the parasol, gather sunlight via the solar cells while the user is outside and to convert it into energy to light the little LED lights in the evening.

Corchero’s work is also created with sustainability and environmental sensitivity in mind and is at the same time a piece of wearable technology that is both beautiful and feminine; a seemingly difficult task, as many articles of clothes/accessories in the genre are tend to be more male-centric or poorly designed and not all that aesthetically pleasing. Corchero hopes that by combining an environmentally supportive concept with technology and fashion “…consumers can visibly signal their support for environmental causes without extra effort and without compromising their potentially high standard of fashion. Because they are distinctive and invite conversation, the level of attention to these topics in the public sphere can be increased in a bottom-up fashion, and the adoption of greener practices might become more widespread.”


And, since this is all about parasols. You can find some more at:
+Rain or Shine
+Luna Bazaar (all kinds of paper parasols)
+DIY from Martha Stewart on making sweet little posy toppers for your paper parasols

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The Writing is on the Wall


Paint your walls with IdeaPaint, and you can doodle to your heart’s content all over your walls with dry erase markers!

Imagine if you used magnetic paint as the primer! I was super ecstatic about this idea when I read about it on Sara’s blog because I hang a LOT of random stuff up on my walls (*ahem* paint swatches), and this looks like a pretty handy way to do it. The sticky putty I often use seems to make things fall down when the seasons change drastically, thumbtacks leave little holes in the wall, and using foam tape has only led to big holes in the walls when I try to rip them off when its time to move (sorry mom). Magnets seem like a nice alternative. Amber does a pretty neat job with them:

Imagine how fabulous it would be if you could hang things up magnetically and doodle all around them. And you could so easily shift things around and/or change the look entirely whenever you pleased! I’m a little bummed at how easily the dry erase work would rub off, so it might not be perfect everywhere, but it’s a nice option – even just to test a look out before you go all permanent like this guy who drew all over his walls with Sharpies:

Magnetic paint + Dry Erase Board Paint + crazy doodles + awesome posters and wall doodads = kickass cheap, easy, creative, and changeable decorations = fun reactions from landlord (I’m imaging a bit of eyes bugging out and a stammered out “What Did You Do To The Walls?!?!”)((remembers the reaction to the time I decided it would be a totally Awesome idea to paint my studio upstairs a dark plummy magenta sort of color)).

Yes. Some things are better in theory than in practice. Lesson learned.

(merci Apartment Therapy)

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