and wire and beads, and feathers…

After a hiatus, I’m itching to start pricking my finger with pins again, etc. Here are things I’ve made in the past, both not-too-distant and not-too-recent.

(This nook is probably still under a bit of construction, so let me know if you’ve any problems with the layout.)


I’d been wearing little 50’s headpieces for probably about 2 years when I stopped not only getting inquiries about them, but also started getting chased down the subway platform for “where did you get that?!” questions. It was then that I thought that gee, maybe I ought to try making some. So I’ve fooled around a little with headwear, but never became consumed with making them especially as they’ve become more and more mainstream. They’re something I like to do every now and then, and I only have a few pictures because I’ve often given them away soon after I make them… or I just don’t have a picture of them that I like or at all. Here are two:

(I also made a similar one in pink. It’s the closest I’ll likely ever get to having pink “hair”)

Being a short haired girl, I thought it would be interesting to make a headpiece where most of the action happens in the back. It makes up for the lack of interesting hairdo’s that can be obtained with a pixie-cut (most of my life I’ve had long hair that could be braided and wrapped around my head. In fact, I made a piece just so that I could that feeling back. No pictures yet though, sorry)


Post college I high-tailed it to New York City and landed myself a job doing custom jewelry design work at Henri Bendel. I had very little jewelry experience, but I learned quickly and soon had a bevy of loyal customers. It was a really interesting experience as a designer to work one on one with someone to create a look individually for them; it really helps you to get out of that hole of designing only what you like, and experiencing beauty through someone else’s eyes. These are a few pieces I managed to snap a picture of before they were toted off by their owners. I’ve done designs that were a LOT more complicated and also a lot more simple, but it was always a fun exercise in using color and shape. My favorite moments, by far, were the customer reactions. It’s wonderful to see someone’s face light up!


I had basically no idea how to sew, read patterns, much less make patterns when I decided to head off to get a degree in fashion design.

I am a determined and stubborn person.

My senior collection, created in the fall of 2005. We were asked to design for 5 years ahead – that was certainly an interesting task. I’m certainly amused to find that the work and themes involved would certainly still appear relevant today!

This is a dress I made for a fashion show comprised of student work my friend Manya and I put together and presented for the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art (DCCA) “The Dress Makes the Woman… The Woman Makes the Dress” Gala, which raised money for both the Delaware Coalition for Breast Cancer and DCCA in the summer of 2005. We presented a show entitled “Raiding the Closet” for which we created a storyline based on 3 different characters and the clothes they might be found wearing in their day to day lives. DCCA loved our concept so much they incorporated the theme into the whole evening. It was a ton of work and a whole lot of fun! Read the article here

For my draping class, Spring 2005. I fell in love with the silk burn-out charmeuse; there’s a lovely pale green silk habutai layer underneath that peaks through the diamonds. I’ll have to see if I can dig up a close-up.

Draping class, spring 2005. This was the first dress I ever made. I was probably a little insane… all those pleats, angles, and crepe back satin. What can I say, I like a challenge. :) This is my friend Manya playing dress-up in it.

My first time in Photoshop and Illustrator! Don’t cringe too much. This was for my trend forecasting/computer aided design course (aka intro to photoshop/illustrator, u4ia, plaidmaker pro, dreamweaver, etc) Fall 2004. We first created a trend forecast and then had to create a collection based off of that forecast. Loved this class!

Fall 2004 flat patterning class. First time I really explored my fascination with transformable clothes – a concept that still thoroughly interests me today. This class also made me realize I needed a new sewing machine. Bad. You don’t even want to know the hell of getting in 9 invisible zippers into that skirt with the machine I had.

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