Hello there!

Tilly is a 20-something designer, writer, and generally creative person with addiction to clothes (naturally)((both vintage and modern)), reading, writing, color, traveling, finding beauty in unexpected places, dancing, pepper, and chocolate. She has a bachelors degree in fashion design from the University of Delaware where she also studied creative writing, wearable technologies/smart textiles(she’s got a dose of tech-y in her, indeed), trend forecasting, psychology and sociology and had the delightful experiences of studying abroad in Paris, Barcelona, Antwerp, and all over China and Japan.

She dreams of one day being a fabulously eccentric little old lady with purple hair. Rumor has it she’s well on her way.

She presently lives in the Bushwick neighborhood of the borough of Brooklyn in the one and only New York City while she tumbles along in the attempt to combine all of her passions into some kind of money-making career. Word.

This is a picture of Tilly falling asleep/banging her head in exasperation (*ahem* while ironing) during one of many, many, many all-nighters in design school. Go ahead and laugh.

Got something to say? Feel free to contact me at thoroughlymoderntilly@gmail.com with questions, comments, concerns, etc. I’d be pleased as punch to hear from you! :)

You can also follow me on Twitter. It would be pretty cool.

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