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Photoshop Anywhere!


If you spend a lot of time starring into your computer screen, spending hour upon hour cavorting through Adobe Photoshop, you’ll find the above picture very, very familiar. We all know that once we get up from the computer we like to indulge in real world delights, sometimes scorning the computer completely after too many mind numbing hours of work; but, after all that time things start to look a little weird without some of the features of our digital world to which we’ve become so accustomed, which is where this Photoshop frame by Irina Blok will come in so handy. Now, when you come home or leave your studio and you start to feel anxious because in the real world you have no windows to click in and out of, no erasure tool to clean up that spilled spaghetti sauce you can look to your Photoshop frame to give you just a little bit of ease. It’s ok, because now the digital world can be a part of your real world. And it’s damed hilariously awesome if you ask me.

Breathe easier, Adobe Addicts.

(Now, if only you could actually play with the photos, too, even if it’s only by included a layer above the photo so you could doodle over it or something with dry erase sorts of markers, for example.)

via DesignBoom

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