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Wearable Ar(t)chitecture


Not too long ago, April in fact, I was perusing through Wallpaper magazine when I stumbled upon an article about architect Bart Prince. It made me a little giddy inside, with all of those gorgeous organic undulating wavy-esque organic type curves. So, dorkily, I snapped pics with my phone with the intent to look more up on Mr. Prince later. Months later I still hadn’t done it, until I saw jewelry designer Anthony Roussel‘s work on Design-Milk the other day and jettisoned over his site to check out more :

First, I was all holy crap, that’s gorgeous. And then I realized something about his work looked familiar, and the gears started turning.

I smell some inspiration, don’t you? And by reading more about Mr. Roussel’s work, you’ll notice that he has a “passion for modern architecture”. Personally, I love his work. It’s gorgeous. And it’s a great way to be able to wear that beautiful architectural vibe of Mr. Prince when you can’t afford to live there, especially tweaked to fit on the human body.

Love them both!

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