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WHY?! Oh, Why!


Two things I need:
+more books
+one of those fold-y reusable bags for toting around purchases/extra stuff that I can stick in my bag. Because I use plastic WAY too much. (I’m picky and haven’t found one I adore yet… until)

Hello(!) Lizania Cruz‘s “Book Bag”.

It looks like a book!

But opens up into a tote bag!

Two birds! One stone. I may not have much money; but if I were to see this in a store I’d very likely squeal and make a mad dash to the register. I’d go buy coffee and sit on a park bench opening the “book” and folding it back in again. I’d buy something just so I could carry it around. I’d go home and write some of my favorite quotes in the lines. I’d gleefully show it off to my friends.

Look how excited I am over a foldable bag.

And to think, it was Only A Promotional Item (sent out to Anthropologie’s top customers as a thank you/Holiday gift). I’m pouting. My poor book and kitsch loving heart is broken.

Why! oh Why..

via SwissMiss

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Booking It


Check out this lean(!), green(!), collapsible book storing (er..) machine! from designer Joyce Hong:

It’s called PLoP!, and was created for students on a bugdet (or greenies)((or older nomadic types – hey, hey city dwellers)). Made from eco-friendly corrugated board, it’s both lightweight (about 4 pounds), recycleable, AND extendable – so you can line up the little darlings to house your ever expanding book collection. I don’t know about you, but I could sure use some more book space as my bookshelf is all kinds of over-flowing (I dream of someday having one of those super swanky home libraries, complete with a spiffy spiral staircase leading up to the second floor, and also lots of comfy couches). Sigh.

And continuing on that bookish note, check out this coffee table “book” that opens up to a lamp(!):

Book of Lights by Takeshi Ishiguro.

via Gizmodo via Yanko Designs1, and 2

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