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Since my brother DID just call me gadget obsessed


So, I was cruising around Gizmodo just a few minutes ago and my eyes may have bugged out of my head for a just a moment when I saw this massive picture of Brother’s new QuattroT 6000D sewing machine; and I thought damn, that must be one high-tech as hell sewing machine to make an appearance on Gizmodo’s gadget-y fabulous blog. (I mean, a sewing machine on a gadget blog?!)

And my friends, this little (err, big) darling packs a whole LOT of gadget-y goodness. You can sort of tell who they’re aiming to sell this sexy(?) beast to when in a video on their site introducing you to the machine the woman calls it “High-tech but friendly”. Friendly. I can’t lie. I laughed.

This machine has so many features (and some of them are pretty darn cool) that I won’t even attempt to state them. I’m guessing you can get the high-tech vibe just from looking at this picture (HD display!). Do feel free to check out the site though for anything and everything you wanted to know about this verifiable machine.

It certainly makes my little machine look like peanuts, even though it totally has a digital display:

And what about my best friend’s super awesome vintage model (that I’ve always lusted over):

Now. I’m sure that machine is super-duper fabulous for embroidery and quilting… But I wonder how many people would use it for just standard sewing in which case your general sewing machine will do. Or even *Gasp*(!) Your Own Two Hands:

(Yeah, that’s me spending a really long time hand hemming a dress. Because, I don’t always entirely trust my machine for that.)

But who am I kidding? I’d likely get a kick out of being able to get my hands on that Brother QuattroT 6000D for a few minutes (or hours)((or days…)). Because after all I do read up on gadget-y goods regularly and did have a heated debate/argument with my brother on the general superiority/awesomeness of the iPhone and Apple products. Function AND Form, Baby. (Not uncommonly way too lacking in gadgets)

(Just remember darlings: I’m high-tech but friendly)

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