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Coffee: Used not as a spill, but ink for one’s quill


“I like coffee so much that I have tea for breakfast: The first cup of the day in particular is so good that I’m afraid I won’t be able to properly appreciate it when I am half-asleep. Therefore, I celebrate it two hours later when I am fully conscious.”

Christopher Neimann illustrates in coffee his long relationship with coffee in his blog on the New York Times website. Read/see the full story here.

Because drawing on napkins is fun!

And I *love* how he turns the cup-mark into a heart.

And it just reminds me of the recent conversation I had with a friend on the “real-ness” of hand-written notes/letters as opposed to emailed/texted one. Because you can sometimes see a person’s thought processes with the crossed out/scribbled over words. And you can see the cup-marks and the doodles in the corner, and the corners that got bent, etc. They can be quite charming indeed, especially nowadays when they’re significantly more rare than before the prevalence of typing and word processors and emailing and texting and so on. I love hand-written and snail-mailed letters and notes so much, I often hang them on the wall as art (though I haven’t figured out where in my new place, yet. Sigh, they used to be perfect above my mantle. And now I have none *sniffle*). They’re like written photographs! And they add a nice color and texture, too… Now, I’m looking around my room for a good spot. Hmmm.

You know… When I get myself a scanner – which I sorely need to do – I think it’d be fun to write out a post every now and then and scan it in!

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