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Anatomy of a dress


In the closet of my studio, I have a large bag filled with many 2 gallon sized Ziploc bags, each of which contains the pattern pieces to one of my design projects in college. It seemed like a good idea to save them, considering how much work I put into their creation; but, I’ve never been quite sure what exactly to do with them.

In addition to being a saver, I’m also a fan of putting strange things on my wall as decoration. Always have been. I’d buy a box a pretty notecards, and hang them on the wall. I’d buy old records, not necessarily for the music (until I got ahold of a record player, at least), but because they were pretty. And onto the wall they went. Purses. Clothes. Paint swatches. Old sheet music. A period where I was obsessed with aluminum tape(…). Pennies. And an endless stream of etceteras. All standard fare in my decoration handbook. So, of course I’ve pondered decorating my wall with all of those dear, lovingly handmade patterns of mine. But I wondered if it’d be too odd. Or something? But! Then I saw the lovely above photo by Italian fine artist Maurizio Pellegrin and I smiled. Because it looks oh so intriguing and classy. And I love how he incorporates the dress and other elements. The chaos is organized. It has a nice visual texture.

My pattern paper, though, is stark white and splashed with numbers and letters and x’s in addition to my hand jottings. Not sure how it’d look up against my already stark white walls (which I ought to do something about anyway…). Also, being fond of somewhat complicated garments (considering, at least, that I barely knew how to sew upon entering design school) and very full skirts, a lot of the pattern pieces are very oddly shaped. Could be fun though, to have them all jumbled up. I could have a party and play a game with all of my design novice friends called “Guess what part of the garment this piece belongs to !!!!”.

Could be practical, too. Small pattern pieces can get lost and misplaced very easily. Don’t ask how I know.


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