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Imaginary photoshoot


My brain feels kind of mushy at the moment, allergies and tiredness from wandering around and whatnot. But, I did spot some fun and lovely little things yesterday as I wandered and I couldn’t help but imagine them all together in some fun little photoshoot.

I saw this super rad couch first. It’s such a fabulous color! It would immediately bring heaps of character to any room.

Then I saw this fabulous little show-girl-esque ditty over at Patricia Field where I was hunting (to no avail) for some darling little hair snoods for my growing ‘do. This piece is hilariously wonderful, and I immediately thought of  the burlesque scenes from Gypsy.

We did the play when I was in high school, and though I eagerly did the costumes, I secretly longed to play Louise (aka Gypsy)((unfortunately, I couldn’t even think about auditioning as I was committed to a different sort of performance art and show dates conflicted… so instead, I went to war battling over costumes with some kids who didn’t know 1920’s from the 1950’s. Oy)).

I imagined lounging on the previous couch in this dress like a retro glamazon. What fun!

Then I stumbled past this door. Which is awesome. Posing in front of this in a heavily beading vintage showgirl dress. Curtains up!

Then! I could perch on top of this swoon-worthy Moroccan-y whatever-it-is (that I’d kill to have in my apartment along with that couch, ahem) and sing sing sing. Maybe.

And then. Then! Here. Because I’m really pale. And I’m in a old school burlesque get-up. Maybe I’m just a ghost….. wooooo. Are you scared? I’ll sneak into some room and be a shimmy-ing, bead jangling ghost. You’re shaking in your boots, I know.

(bah. No one who has the video will allow it to be embedded. Apologies. It’s adorable, I recommend watching it anyway.)

What a fun little trip, ey? Mutimedia posts are a grand old time! And if not. Well, blame it on the mushy-head, because allergies suck.

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