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I’d get a giggle


If my coffee shop handed me my coffee and muffin in this. Seriously. adorable.

Or any of the other colors:

Yesiree, being served in any of these cups from Psycho Studio would be most charming and I’d pretty likely become an immediate frequent customer. They’re such a nice, amusing, slightly more grown up and/or less retro incarnation of the smiley face mug of my pre-adolescence when I went through a major, major 70’s style smiley face phase. You can get the yellow or blue version here.

Okay, these are pretty cute, too:

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Simple Singular Sensations


There’s something about this dishware that strikes me as brilliant.

Artist Paola Navone was given white porcelain “seconds” from the famous Tuscan crockery factory of Richard Ginori which she subsequently gave new life with her free form swatches of color. Merci Gallery has turned them into one-of-a-kind pieces for an exhibition, after which the pieces will be sold.

I’ve always thought there was some unique sort of beauty about the surfaces (paper, napkins, etc) that artists/designers/etc. use to test out colors. You can still get a sense of colors incorporated into a final piece, but there’s also a hint of the thought processes behind those choices and the sometimes perhaps interesting in the nature and style in which some one just sort of throws the color down.

It’s really interesting to see that free nature of color swatching tossed onto formal dishware. Pieces that when they do have designs on them, are usually on the formal and well-thought-out side of design. This is somehow the equivalent of wearing both high and low priced clothes at the same time,  of that one slightly “off” thing that makes an outfit interesting. There’s something mildly audacious about it… Like a grown-up version of the coloring on the walls that got you in trouble as a kid.

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