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Hello eclectic


The quest usually starts out as simply enough; it’s that everyday adventure called Time to Get Dressed. I grab an item of clothing – in today’s case, that large swatch of pink and dark dark blue swirled fabric – with the attempt to wear it simply. Sometimes it works – I tie that piece of fabric into a shirt, throw on a pair of jeans, grab a cardigan and go(!)… and sometimes it doesn’t. I start to fiddle. I add a little bit of this, a little bit of that; I find something else (*ahem* lovely DKNY skirt I practically forgot I owned) that’s similar but different, toss it on, and soon enough find myself in Let’s Experiment Land (!!!!). And then, whoa boy, you never quite know what I’ll end up in. I surely didn’t quite expect all of this to work, but somehow it does (at least in Tilly-land). It’s the common colors, I believe that help tie it together (the pink and dark blue that’s almost purple that shows up in the skirt. The pink, red, and variations on taupe-y gold-ishness in the bag that make nods at the skirt. The fact that they’re all kind of loopy, discombobulated, fuzzy sorts of patterns).

And there’s the humorous fact that my nails match, too. I didn’t plan that at all. It actually may be my new favorite nail polish technique: The one nail different look. I got the idea from some guy I saw on the subway holding onto the pole, and also a book I think, with his thumbnail (and only his thumbnail) painted red. And I was intrigued. So, I tried it out first on my toes and, pleased enough with that result, moved onto my fingernails. I really rather like it, because you can do it with classy sorts of colors (or not) and it adds just a touch of offbeatness to the look.

So, yes, my lovely reader people.. go forth and experiment with the stuff in your closet. It’s fun, I promise.

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