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The Great Downgrade


Conspicuous consumption; we all know that it’s just not cool anymore. So, now when you buy a fancy schmancy iPhone (because they are awesome, after all) you can buy a cover that takes it’s sexy appeal and brings it down a notch or ten. No sir, no need to buy a super pretty art cover when you can make your phone look like one of our former favorite phones and music devices that have been tossed around a little or a lot; like some old gadgetry you’ve taken apart and has a steampunky appeal; like a piece of the city’s sidewalk! I’m definitely a bit sweet on old-school Gameboy reminiscent cover pictured above by Michael Sison. I like how it has a hint of girlyness. Reminds me of my old gameboy on which I used to play my super rad Little Mermaid game.

We’ve got the zweiPhone stickers, which use photos of old, used mobile phones to “bring back a piece of classic design history on the back of blank and impersonal iPhones.” Their motto: downgrade today.

Paul Burgess’ Urban Dirty Collection. The grime and decay of cities can be beautiful. Dress your phone up with a grass/moss tinged sidewalk crack with“Greenary”, a “Grimey Grill”, or a rusty lock with “Got it on lock”.

The 80’s have long gone, but the era has been bopping around in fashion lately. Now you can have that boombox-to-your-ear look without the weight of the out of date real deal by using Lyle Owerko’s Boombox or Boombox II stickers. Oddly enough though, I’ve still seem a few fellows carrying around a smaller sort of boombox blasting music while lounging in Washington Square Park.

Steampunk-y renditions by Colin Thompson with his “Steampunk” ( the gears, perhaps of a steampuk phone revealed) and Underworld (the “interface”, perhaps, of said steampunk phone) stickers.

And, of course, you can always go for the straight of motherboard look. For the true tech-y. By Derek Prospero.

Intriguing little trend, is it not?

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Ask, and ye shall receive (!!!)


Not too long ago I got all googly eyed thinking about:

And lo and behold, out comes two new (killer) iPhone apps:

Sherwin Williams Colorsnap
Benjamin Moore ColorCapture

I immediately swooned and downloaded both applications and have played around with them both a bit.  And, voila, here are a few initial observations:

Sherwin William’s version is nice because it gives you the RGB numbers (always helpful), and the color picker is a little easier to use as it has a little arrow and box so you can more easily see and pinpoint exactly what spot you’re picking from. When you save the primary color, it includes swatches of the secondary colors. I find it a bit annoying that, at least thus far, it only gives you one palette set to go with each primary color.

Benjamin Moore’s version give you the option of looking at the primary color with a palette of varying colors that might go with it, as well as looking at a palette of the primary color you chose with a palette in similar hues much like you get in a normal paint chip. It’s nice because it also has a color wheel you can play with, so you don’t necessarily need a photo in order to peruse colors. When you save a color, just a swatch of that particular “primary” color is saved and you can add notes for your own reference. Also nice is that you can click a color so that it fills the screen so you can sort of have a large paint swatch at your disposal to hold up to walls or what-have-you. At the moment, I’m a bit let down by the actually “color picking” – you just scroll your finger around without the definition of an indicator to see which exact spot your picking from. Granted, if I hadn’t seen Sherwin William’s picker, I’d probably have no complaints. I also wish it could access RGB info for each color – probably my main complaint, as otherwise it’s pretty awesome.

Super Simple Summary: Overall, they’re both nice but Benjamin Moore’s ColorCapture has more features to play around with so it’s a bit more useful perhaps as an all around tool for color lovers; Sherwin William’s ColorSnap is definitely great at it’s prescribed task at being able to extract a color from a photo, which is all some people might need. It could be an easy decision if you prefer one brand of paint to the other, and are strictly using it to hunt down a particular shade – for this use, each application also will use the iPhone’s GPS to direct you to the nearest retail location.

I wish, for either and/or both of them that you could create your own palettes, be it by picking individual colors, combining other “saved” colors, or being able to extract multiple colors from a photo and save them as a palette (which could be pretty handy), etc.

Regardless, I’m exceptionally excited that these two application exist. Dreams do come true!

Much love to Design*Sponge for the heads up!

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Mini color picker


Interesting, possibly swoon-worthy, concept pen by Park Jinsun. It has a mini-scanner that allows any color you see out there in the real world to be turned into ink via a RGB cartridge inside the phone that reads the chip and mixes the correct ink color. While it’s pretty awesome to be able to create any color ink that you want, I’m more excited by the tiny color picker function. I’d be pleased as punch to have such a tiny pin-pointy device to able to extract the RGB info from pretty much anything. I know about the Color Cue which is supposed to do pretty much that and tell you its corresponding Pantone color; but, it’s kind of big and from the reviews I’ve read (that I remember) isn’t *super* great. Having a doodad like this would be a lot easier than scanning in random objects in order to use the color grabber tool in Photoshop, and you could do it anywhere(!).

Anywhere! Anything!

Ooooh. And! What if it had a little screen so that you could view little color swatches of the colors you scanned. AND! If it also had a USB port so that you could upload the color swatches and RGB info to your computer. There’s a definite swoon right there. Yesiree, that’s what I want.

I should probably learn how to make this stuff, huh?

via New Idea

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Oh, Hi Future! : Sixth Sense


Check out the trippy awesomeness:

It’s like in Minority Report when Tom Cruise was moving things around on the screen with his fingers except, conceptually, with this you can use any surface as your “screen”: The book you’re holding, the plane ticket in your hand, your actual hand, and of course the wall, etc. It’s interesting in the way that it would make us so much more integrated and tied into technology, but it also makes technology sort of more organic and unobtrusive. Instead of taking out a camera and snapping a picture, you could just make a “camera” shape with your fingers and *poof* a picture is taken. If you wanted to look something up, you wouldn’t have to pull out your iPhone/smart phone or computer.

It could bring a whole new dimension to the collection of information and perhaps the creation of art and ideas, since essentially you could sort of “reach” inside of the computer and move things around with your hands (like I discussed wanting to do here). I’m remembering this afternoon when I was reading the New Yorker and wanted to write down a few quotes from an article that was written by Ariel Levy about Alber Elbaz of Lanvin to share with you cats and kittens.

Unfortunately, you have to have a subscription (or pay) to read the whole thing online. I didn’t have my computer with me, so I thought I’d jot a few bits down by hand, but soon got tired and kind of gave up after I realized I wanted to copy a decent sized chunk or two (don’t fret, you can catch the gist at Fashionologie and/or Jezebel if you feel so inclined ((there is a touch of (fashion-y) nudity in the Jezebel one, so if that sort of stuff offends don’t click)). And, after seeing this Sixth Sense gadget, I’m imagining being able to either hold my fingers between the lines I wanted to copy, or run my finger over them highlighter style. Wouldn’t that be extra handy! Imagine how much easier it could have made research paper writing! There’s probably some copyright legal stuff that would have to be worked out/ worried about, but used properly and honestly, I think it’d be really cool : Your finger(s) could be the scanner, and you could automatically file the info wherever it was suitable.

Also! Imagine if you could use it to measure things! If you were looking at some vintage dress (or well any article of clothing) and you wanted to know the measurement of some seam, you could measure it between your fingers and you would tell you its length! Oh man, I could go on and on about the cool ways I’d want to use something like this. I’ll stop now, and let you do some imagining of your own before this becomes a novel.

Now, all they need to do is make it prettier. (*raises hand eagerly wanting to help*)

via Gizmondo!

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Since my brother DID just call me gadget obsessed


So, I was cruising around Gizmodo just a few minutes ago and my eyes may have bugged out of my head for a just a moment when I saw this massive picture of Brother’s new QuattroT 6000D sewing machine; and I thought damn, that must be one high-tech as hell sewing machine to make an appearance on Gizmodo’s gadget-y fabulous blog. (I mean, a sewing machine on a gadget blog?!)

And my friends, this little (err, big) darling packs a whole LOT of gadget-y goodness. You can sort of tell who they’re aiming to sell this sexy(?) beast to when in a video on their site introducing you to the machine the woman calls it “High-tech but friendly”. Friendly. I can’t lie. I laughed.

This machine has so many features (and some of them are pretty darn cool) that I won’t even attempt to state them. I’m guessing you can get the high-tech vibe just from looking at this picture (HD display!). Do feel free to check out the site though for anything and everything you wanted to know about this verifiable machine.

It certainly makes my little machine look like peanuts, even though it totally has a digital display:

And what about my best friend’s super awesome vintage model (that I’ve always lusted over):

Now. I’m sure that machine is super-duper fabulous for embroidery and quilting… But I wonder how many people would use it for just standard sewing in which case your general sewing machine will do. Or even *Gasp*(!) Your Own Two Hands:

(Yeah, that’s me spending a really long time hand hemming a dress. Because, I don’t always entirely trust my machine for that.)

But who am I kidding? I’d likely get a kick out of being able to get my hands on that Brother QuattroT 6000D for a few minutes (or hours)((or days…)). Because after all I do read up on gadget-y goods regularly and did have a heated debate/argument with my brother on the general superiority/awesomeness of the iPhone and Apple products. Function AND Form, Baby. (Not uncommonly way too lacking in gadgets)

(Just remember darlings: I’m high-tech but friendly)

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Um, I kind of want this phone…


I might be into fashion and all that jazz, but I can’t deny that I also have a tech-y interested-in/enamored-by-gadgets side. That being said, I couldn’t help but swoon a little when I spotted this creation on Gizmodo. Unfortunately, this smashing little phone from California design studio RKS is only a concept at the moment *sigh*; but, imagine the possibilities of a truly open source/customizable phone, enabling you to create (if you were to know how) all sorts of nifty functions and/or download them! Personally, I’d dig it it/be thoroughly amused if it had a (numeric) keypad that functioned like a (touch-screen) rotary dial!

photo via Apartment Therapy Unplugged. (You can also read a bit more about the phone there…)

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