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She walks in beauty like the swans


So, um, I kind of *love* these swan sunglasses in this “Wait for the Summer” photo shoot by photographer Fiona Quinn and styled by Courtney Sanders. The sunglasses are labeled first as the stylist’s own, and then by “Look Sharp”, a label which I haven’t been able to find out much about during my brief (but somewhat talented) google search frenzy. I managed to find some other novelty type swan sunglasses but none quite as fabulous as these. I just love how these have both black and white… you know very Black Swan-y. (Natalie Portman should totally own a pair, am I right?). I love how they manage to be both sunglasses but almost like a headpiece, like an almost but not quite tiara. And the model rocks them oh-so effortlessly.

And now a poem (from which I got this post’s name)((which a friend sent to me after seeing the aforementioned swan/ballet movie))(((and it seems nicely applicable to this post))):

Verdi and Postmodernism
She walks in beauty like the swans
that on a summer day do swarm
& crawls as deftly as a spoon
& spills & sprawls & booms.

These moments make a monument
then fall upon a broken calm
they fly into more quenchless rages
than Louis Quatorze or Napoleon.

If I could make one wish I might
overturn a state, destroy a kite
but with no wishes still I gripe
complaint’s a Godly-given right.
– Charles Bernstein

Double double toil and trouble


I’m not really a sunglasses girl. At all. Mostly because my head/face is really small and I feel like they all look awkward on me (and I lose and/or break them). Especially when that whole massive sunglasses trend was happening and my jewelry designing spot at Bendel’s was right across from the sunglasses; and so, when things were slow, naturally we’d all be trying on the glasses. And I swear even the one’s I thought looked pretty good everyone told me were too big. Sheesh. Not that sunglasses have ever really, truly captured my interest with the gusto that many women (and some men) experience (seriously, I had to watch people try on and obsess over sunglasses ALL DAY). But. These lovelies by Dolce and Gabbana tickled my fancy pretty immediately. Because I do enjoy layering things, and mixing modern and vintage – and these have a nice almost cat-eyed detail (yeah, I really don’t know how to describe sunglasses very well).

I actually think it’d be really interesting if they weren’t sunglasses at all, but regular ones. At least, something with a similar idea. I wonder how that would look. Because it can be hard to know what kind of regular glasses to go with when your style can change day to day. This way you could be retro and modern and offbeat/quirky (unless it really catches on, and then you’d just be *sigh* trendy) all at the same time. Double the frames, double the fun!

Also, these remind me of when you wear glasses and you go to see a 3-D movie, and you have to wear glasses on top of glasses. Haha. Just sayin’.

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