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Mixed and Pieces


So, if you look at fashion magazines, you may have noticed the trend/tendency/encouragement to mix patterns when dressing. (I totally support this, as I’ve been doing it a while and it can be a lot of fun – see last year’s post)((hmm, maybe I’ll do a post on fashion mixing, a la the serious dress post… Maybe?)). But lately in my magical cruisings throughout the fantastical internet world, I’ve found some interesting examples of “patterns” being mixed up and combined to intriguing results in other mediums.

Here we have the Hepsi series of rugs from Loom. These rugs are pieced together from fragments of a variety of kinds of vintage rugs. Pretty gorgeous, aren’t they?


Kent Rogowski:

Forty store bought puzzles were purchased, mixed up, and pieced together into stunningly abstracted landscapes by Kent Rogowski in his Love=Love series.


Matthew Cusick:
Antique maps pieced together to create phenomenal collages and paintings by Matthew Cusick

Serge Mendzhiyskogo:
Cityscapes presented through a collage of hundreds of photo pieced together, created a surreal, abstracted perspective.


You guys can consider yourself lucky that I have a (and have had a perpetual) headache, which is impeding my desire to write some long thoughts on the meanings of all of this pattern mixing and abstractions in fashion, art, etc. So, in short, it makes me think of the chaos and uncertainties of life; how often we feel many things at once, and our lives and relationships and wants and desires can often tend to be more complex, layered, and not as cut and dry as we would like to think. The paths to the things we desire can often and easily veer into uncertain territory, especially Right Now. But, the thing is, that often it’s the complexities and layers of life, the crazy and convoluted journeys we take, that make life so wonderful and beautiful if you can step back and appreciate it as such. Perhaps this thought has been absorbed into society, the fear and beauty of it expressed in our clothes, on our walls, or on our floors as a sort of acceptance of uncertainty. A sort of heart on our sleeve expression of our frustrations turned into something beautiful. Perhaps it will linger as a mark in design history of these feelings.

Objects of your affection


Saw these kitschy little Pablo the Object Frame on Interior Design Room and was immediately reminded of:

via Cup of Joe by Heather at The Coterie


via SwissMiss by Kevin N. Murphy

I think taking pictures where you’re holding the frame is pretty darned adorable and it seems to be catching on stateside; from what I’ve read it’s been a bit of a trend at European weddings from someone to bring a frame and for the guests to be photographed holding it. They’re not too difficult to find if you do some flickr-ing or google-ing, but these two manage to be clean and classy while at the same time having a hint of quirk, kitsch, and fun. You can’t really help but smile when looking at them.

And that’s why I really enjoy those object frames. They’re so simple that they kind of make your objects seem to smile, if that makes sense. They make anything look a little bit more special, without oodles of ornate loops and curls (of your more ornate frames).

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If the eyes are windows into the soul…


…then are a person’s windows eyes into their soul?

That probably sounds a little weird, but I’m working on a project; or I should say trying to work on something. You see, I used to live on the third (and top) floor of my building which, at that level, stared nothing in the face -only a low Verizon truck dispatching building (?) – so when I purchased curtains, I figured they didn’t need to be super thick and opaque since no one would be able to see directly in. They let light filter in and not too much of me to stick out. However (oh! however!), now I live on the first floor of the same building and so people being able to see into my room is now a most definite issue considering all of the foot traffic, the renovations workers coming and going, and the fact that the trashcans are all right outside my window ((sexy, eh?!))).

So yes, I do love my curtains, and though I’ve pondered new ones, I’m still not terribly keen on have super thick ones as I do want some light to come in (I don’t get nearly as much sunshine now that I’m on the first floor *pout*). I’m embarrassed to say that while I’d been pondering what to do, and even now that I do know but haven’t done it yet, I have the same grey, ugly paper taped onto the lower pane of my window that the workers put in, I imagine, when they were painting. But what can I say, I don’t want to give any free shows.

Not pretty.

So. I found, after an extensive search, some lovely japanese-y paper to put there instead. It has a pale background with flowers and is lightweight, so that I’m hoping that some light will filter on through.

Now, since I love words, poems, lyrics, books, etc so darned much; and have done odd things like write “hello” on my ceiling for all passers-by to see ( can you see where I’m going, yet?) I thought: Why not write something on the other side for everyone to see! A FABULOUS idea, I thought.

But, what, my friends. What? It’s been kind of intimidating to figure out what to put in such a visible spot….


Or should I maybe put the colorful, printed side of the paper facing outside with my written words inside, so that people will get a glimpse of them (backwards), sort of, when my room is super lit? OR, if I did it that way (vs. words facing out).. what if I wrote whatever I was going to write backwards on the part that faces inside inside that what people can see when outside looking in is the printed paper with the shadowy glimpse of something written there?!

Am I making sense. Ideas? Email (thoroughlymoderntilly@gmail.com) or comment! :)

The windows/window area of my apartment upstairs:

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A little cork never hurt anyone


I most definitely dig this DIY lamp with a cork base from Design*Sponge, and I love the idea of pinning things to it. Art, letters… or reminders – yes, it could be a perfect place for that since it would be right there in your face when you wake up and all. If that’s your thing. haha.

The pop of green is fun, too!

Want to make one? See instructions here.

Happy Do-It-Yourselfing!

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