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Spring in your step


Oh springtime. That time we all yearn for, but when it comes to those first few days of warmth you find yourself struggling with what on earth to wear. What do you mean I don’t need twenty layers? My boots are too hot? Oh. Well then.

What DO I wear on my feet?

Spotted these handmade guillerminas from Le pied léger the other day, and think they’d be perfect for spring and summertime adventures. The super exciting thing about them is that they’re entirely custom made to your feet, and you can even request your own color combinations – and how is that not thrilling(!). I’m sort of partial to the ones that you can wrap around your ankles. Could be cute in a ballet-y pinky, peach for a quirky bohemian twist on ballet shoes. My little twinkle-toes fancy is tickled at the thought.

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