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Olly Olly Oxen Free!


When Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland came out in March, there was an absurd amount of Alice in Wonderland themed works in pretty much every medium imaginable. I can’t lie, it got a bit tiresome. A bit overdone. I’ve been getting a bit annoyed about the degree of stuff surrounding films like this one and Where the Wild Things Are. I mean, a lot of it is lovely, but there gets to be that point of over-saturation where you might see something really fabulous and still a part of you is wondering really? more?!

Seriously. I can get a little bit crazy. But I was shuffled off to this lovely poster by one Olly Moss and thought it quite perfect. Maybe it’s just because it’s from one of the favorite bits of the film, with all of the magical shrinking and growing. And then, of course, how it’s anything but overdone. It’s simplicity is refreshing. And when I hunted down his site, that’s what I found in all of his work. Perfectly cheeky and witty and delightful without heaps over thought farce.

Look! My initials! Slipped into a belt and a pair of scissors. (haha, I’m imagining an image of the scissors cutting into the belt, or maybe just tucked into it sort of handy(wo)man style. Maybe there could be an “i” perhaps as a needle tucked in, too, to account for the middle name)

There was a lot of Lost work out there. I like this one because it reminds me of an old movie poster (a bit like Hitchkock’s Vertigo, perhaps). And then, of course, this awesome reaction to the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster/phrase craze of not-long-ago (even I mentioned them). Granted, I’m usually a bit more likely to panic and freak out. At least before I manage to shut myself up enough to calm down and carry on. I should like to see the two hanging side by side. Because sometimes you just need to freak out a little bit. Even if only for a few minutes.

(Seriously. Like the time almost two years ago when I found out I had about two days to get ready to move, and I was eventually struck with the horrors of oh-my-heavens-when-on-earth-did-i-get-so-much-stuff-and-how-in-the-hell-am-i-supposed-to-move-all-of-this reality and subsequently panicked. I’m pretty sure I sat on my bed and shook and cried as I eyed the catastrophe that was my room, and I tried to make myself shut up but it didn’t work. So. I resolved that I could panic as long as I was being productive at the same time. And I wound up sobbing and packing at the same time. It must have been quite a sight. But I moved!)

Ahem. Moving on.

Get to work! Or not.

Well I just like these. Because, well, maybe you should make something cool everyday. And the lobster is just awesome.

Olly Moss:
Alice Poster

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Lost Things


Absolutely beautiful. I kind of want to live inside this whimsical stop-motion adventure by Angela Kohler and Ithyle with Alison Sudol, singer of A Fine Frenzy, staring and providing the music. The song is “Sleepwaking”, crafted to fit the film.

If interested, here’s a little Q+A with Angela about the making of “Lost Things”

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Down the Rabbit Hole


I feel like I’ve been seeing a LOT of rabbits/bunnies (literally and/or as inspiration/interpretation ((like Mr. Albaz from the post below)) lately. So many that even though I’ve been tempted to cull a “look how many bunnies I’ve spotted” post, I’m simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of them. Anybody with me? (I can do a bunny post should it be requested/desired, by the way.)

Lots of Alice in Wonderland references fluttering around, too.

Are we all starting to feel a bit like we’ve followed a pocket-watch toting white rabbit down a hole and landed in a world where everything is a little (or a lot) mixed up?!

Certainly, we all feel a little bit like this, sometimes:

The (absolutely lovely) above painting is by Mary Blair, whose work was often used as inspiration for Disney’s animated films. Click on her name to see a flickr set of a chunk of her work. Also recently available is a newly released book of Disney’s adaptation of Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, with Blair’s illustrations.

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