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‘Round Town


I usually have my “real” digital camera on me, but there’s just something so magical about having a camera phone. You see, I can pull it out and somewhat quickly and surreptitiously (hopefully) capture some of the interesting things my fellow city dwellers do and wear (like the super amazing nouveau 90’s type look the young fellow up above is rocking) . They’re usually not terribly perfect, since I find myself trailing behind them, or close enough that I try to pretend that I’m doing something other than taking their picture…. so I have the phone held up at a strange angle and I tap on the frame while I’m positioning it so it looks likely I’m texting someone (or, just looking really strange). Would it be easier if I went up and asked people to take their picture? Sure. But I haven’t mustered up the courage to halt most of the super duper in a hurry New Yorkers and say “Gee, do you mind if I take a picture of that really crazy thing you have going on with your hair?”

And so, with my recently downloaded Instagram app, I made them all look lovely and swell

I love how it looks like tiny pieces of fabric all tied up in her hair. Kind of a fun idea, though don’t know if would look quite the same on me…


I LOVE how deceptively simple this lady’s hair looks. I did a double take when I looked and grabbed my phone quick as lightening to capture it. Dare I say, I think my hair might actually be too long for this look – that is, if I ever figured out quite how to make it happen.


So, I was walking behind this teen and all of the sudden I realized Hey! That’s a necklace around her hair/bun thing!. It looks very pretty and classic in my humble opinion. Much more delicate than a big headband contraption.


Of course, there were the fun and interesting prints/color combos that grabbed me:

Only so many people would don this fantastic and incredibly bold bold bold Africa-inspired print. It’s quite lovely and interesting combined with the 60’s silhouette.


I know, I know, it’s the same girl. But I like how the pattern really pops in a way that’s more subtle (but, you know, not since that pattern soooo isn’t quiet)…. I’m betting the dress could be a hit if done in a palette more people would deem wearable. But, who wants something everyone has anyway? Anyway, in my head I’d love it in reds and purples, maybe with a little blue. At least, I’d wear it that way (I don’t know if I can pull of those yellows and greens).


LOVE the bold skirt. And how this look is a great example of mixing a super bright and bold pattern with some classics and neutrals and making it entirely wearable. Go lady!


Just love how opposite the patterns are. Painty slightly abstracted flower shapes in an olive-y taupe mixed with this very geometric “ethnic”-print influenced blue and white bag.

I saw a few interesting back details:

Ok. Just beautiful. Interesting and unique but class/y/ic at the same time.


I was so proud to see a man wearing such a fabulous look. In pinks and reds no less. And it looks really good. And I love the combo of fabrics and textures that totally gel and look organic. It looks like the little stripes just drip and expand down the back. loovveeeee it.

Ok, this isn’t technically a “back detail”, but it’s the craziest backpack I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen this guy a few times and I was super jazzed to finally be able to grab a pic of this… contraption. One of these days, maybe I’ll ask what on earth is up with that, and where did he get it, and it’s awesomely bizarre. And I do adore awesomely bizarre things. I feel like calling it future steampunk….or something, ha.

A few other interesting details/concepts:

I dig the double skinny belts combined with the multiple bangles. Nicely cohesive. I’ve done double belts, usually of the slightly wider variety, but I’ve been craving skinny belts more lately. And they do look nice layered.


I really like the combo of the dually muted pea-esque green and lavender. I found them so interesting I broke out my newly downloaded Pantone app and tried to make a little palette. I wouldn’t suggest following the color codes, because when I had them email me the palette the colors reflected differently. So I did a screen shot of the layout within the program. Still, the brown isn’t quite right, but I just wanted to play a little bit, not obsess and be super duper precise. But let me know if you’re dying me to find the right ones :). It is fun and a definite help in seeing how colors can work together, though.


And of course, I couldn’t leave you without…… Mr. Gaga

Gotta admire a man in fishnets, short short and platforms in broad daylight.

And with that, over and out! :)


Birth of a color


Seriously, this look inside Pantone for their new Pantone Plus color matching system fills me with bubbly glee. Walking around that place would leave me drunk with color, especially watching/experiencing making a NEW COLOR. How fantastically spectacular would that be? Quite. Quite thoroughly, I say. I’m jealous of the people that work there. I know they have an iPhone app, which I really should get, but wow seeing them play with color on the iPad just about makes me want one.

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I’d probably be in big trouble if I were in Ecuador


In case you didn’t know: I’m a color addict.

Which is why seeing this Pantone calendar some months ago by design duo StokkeAustad got me feeling all giggly like a little schoolgirl swept up in her first crush. Each color has a date printed on it, and every day you remove one. This removal makes me sad. I, for one, simply adore this massive swath of color euphoria; disrupting it just may break my heart.

Of course, I also remembered that I pretty much collect paint swatches. They’re kind of my favorite. I sweep into a hardware store and start plucking them one by one, trying to be quasi-discreet, hoping nobody will stop me and start asking questions. Clearly, if I were in Ecuador, I’d be getting myself into big trouble:

(The sign reads, *ahem*: “Don’t take more than two.”)(photo here)

I first started collecting them for their intended purpose, and then branched out into taking as many as I could when I realized how helpful they are when concocting color stories for design projects. Then, darlings, I started decorating with them. In my old place in Delawhere (“The Pomegranate Estate”), I cut them up into their little individual squares/rectangles and created a design on my bedroom door with them (sadly, no pictures). In my little Brooklyn apartment (as yet unnamed) I’ve been using them in their entirety like this:

I’m not sure if it’s done yet; and, sorry that some seem to be a touch wobbly and crooked at the moment, and that the lighting isn’t so hot. I’ve sort of integrated them with photos of “happy places”. It’s kind of my elaborate headboard (the fire and lightbulb pictures are at the ends of the bed) but has been sort of showing promise of working its way over the entire wall. The original plan/general idea was to have the bottom be earthy, ground tones moving up through green grass, tree, and some flowery colors into colors of they sky (and water, too) and into dark, night-y upper reaches of the atmosphere colors. Like I said, likely not officially done (evolution!) and I did sort of toss colors in there, too (because they were needed and/or I really liked the colors and wanted them there *blushes*). It makes me smile pretty much whenever I walk into my room.

… and I still have a rather large pile of paint swatches itching to be used. Hmmm….

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2009: The Pursuit of Happiness


So, I remember when Pantone announced in December that Mimosa was deemed the color of 2009; and at very first glance I thought hmmm, yellow? Which isn’t to say I have anything against yellow (I mean there was a period about 12 or so years ago when I was OBSESSED with bright yellow smiley faces ((the affection still lingers as you’ll see below))), I was just pondering if the general mainstream public would be down with wearing the cheery hue (since I see so many people regularly decked out in black and generally shying away from any.color.at.all). Of course, that was mostly just the fashion-y part of me doubting people wanting to be drenched in the color, forgetting that mustard yellow has been in the stars for a bit now (see: here, and here from The City Sage). So I forgot about it (or as it turns out tucked it into the back of my mind).

So when I popped onto my bff Sara’s blog the other day where she posted on the color, and Swissmiss the other morning and saw:

This doodle by Marc Johns

This kickass Rubick’s cube by the swiss Brainstore

Which reminded me of the current issue of Psychology Today (Where I read about Sarah’s Smash Shack):

I thought: Oh yes! Mimosa! DUH!. 2009 is all about The Yellow because it’s all about the pursuit of happiness! And being optimistic even though the world is cloaked in uncertainty! And yellow is a very happy color, and just seeing it in nice little pops and in home decor certainly brings a snap of cheer to your disposition.

And I remembered that we started out the New Year with my smiley face cups:

and that the cork in one of the bottles of wine we drank to celebrate my 25th birthday (in late 2008) urged me to:

and that everyday I’m greeted by these salt and pepper shakers:

So, yes.. get happy people:

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