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If I were someplace warm…


…I’d want to be wearing this. Somehow, through exploring the vast awesomeness that is the french design mecca Colette’s e-store (since, alas, I am not in Paris) I found myself bizarrely quasi-obsessed with this Tomas Maier swimsuit. Maybe it’s the knots? I’ve been (creatively) knotting up my clothes for a year or so…Probably more? Maybe it’s the color? It’s a really nice shade of pink that I’ve been strangely attracted to (that and a slightly peach-ier version) of late. It  could also be because the temperatures are about to dip into the single digits and I’m tired of wearing an amount of clothing that verges on absurd in order to keep warm; I would really really REALLY love to be sitting outside in the sunshine someplace where I could don something as classy/sexy/sweet/modern as this. Sigh. I’m even imaging all of the ways I could wear it.

I wonder if the knots could be untied……? Hm..

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