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Daily Pixels


Stumbled upon Jacob Zanella‘s project My Daily Color Palette the other day and just had to share because it’s such a lovely concept. It’s like a personal Kris’s Color-Stripes & Wear Palettes with a touch of science and pixel-ly goodness tossed in. It certainly makes for an interesting presentation! Jacob describes his method as:

I’m divided into 100 parts (100 little squares), each representing a color I’m wearing (skin included). So it goes from bottom to top (bottom being shoes and top being hair, hat, etc). If you see a large block of one color (which is common because my clothes are mainly one color only) it means I was wearing a solid-color sweater or a solid-color jacket, for instance…[I] reproduce that observation digitally, through RGB combinations. No software or programming is involved in the making of the graphs.

Lovely, no? Makes me wonder what my daily color palettes would look like, since I’m so often super colorful. Hmm.

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Setting the scene


I wander around the web a lot. Things catch my eye. Sometimes I post them here and/or there, sometimes they collect in my browser tabs. When that happens, sometimes a few of them linger in my mind and start to form a little story in my head. Set a little scene. And today I swooned over these, and imagined a moment where they would all exist harmoniously in the same place.

I’d be lounging around in this gorgeous dress, the “Elizabeth”, by talented textile artist Jemma Sykes. It’s deliciously decadent in style, lovely in a charming peachy-pink hue, and, though fancy, manages to look like it’d be kind of cozy at the very same time.

Then there’s this swell sea urchin installation by Patricia Brown which I came across on Lost Bird Found this afternoon. A lovely array of colors, visual and actual texture, and the organic hint of sea urchiness. I adore that random pop of blue. They’d be pretty all together on the wall. Or they’d be fun as a bunch of pillow-y, seat-y poofs strewn about the room. Oh, that’d be quite colorful and cozy.

This amazzzzing “pixel” rug from Tufted of the Portuguese Piado Group set to be shown at the Zona Tortona during this year’s Milan Design Week and sneak-peaked on Design-Milk literally make me squeek in audible delight. See this is where this whole started. I was going to just post it to my Facebook blog page, because this is gorgeous and I really want it, but the picture wouldn’t thumbsize itself correctly, and linking to this would be worthless without the pic. So, I left it in my browser, and I spotted everything else and then thought that they’d all go kind of swell-ly together. At least in my head.

Anyway. This rug gets love for evoking pixels and paint swatches at the same time. And the sweeping array of color, whoosh, that just fills me with happiness.

Yes, this scene would call for a nice glass of scotch and require some vintage flapper-age jazzy music winding around the room from a crackly old record player. A few good friends sprawled out on the rug and on those lovely urchins talking about anything and everything.

Oh, it’d be divine.

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Am I a little weird for thinking this is kinda beautiful? I was hunting down pictures for my last post (since I know you dears love to have something to look at) when there was some sort of glitch and instead of loading the picture this showed up. And I was charmed.

I just love the colors all running around and into eachother.. like pixellated pointellistic watercolor something-or-other. Err. Maybe?

Happy Accident!

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