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Hello, can I write on your back?


Please? Wouldn’t that be fun?! I know that’s what I’d want to do if this were my tattoo. Of course, I’d have to employ some loyal friends to write it for me. Hm.

(at first, i thought oh(!) there should be a line or a few lines between the marks so that it’s obvious that you can “fill in the blank”… but then that could be limiting. maybe one day you’d want just one word, another day a sentence, another a poem, etc. Better to leave it open, methinks)

I’m also amused because it’s sort of a(n unintentional((?)) take on the whole wings(!)-on-your-back tattoo. Imagine if they were a touch bigger… maybe had a pattern inside. Paisley of some variety perhaps. Since a quotation mark kind of resembles paisley somewhat..

Or maybe I just like them as is.

via A Cup of Jo via Yodaka

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