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WHY?! Oh, Why!


Two things I need:
+more books
+one of those fold-y reusable bags for toting around purchases/extra stuff that I can stick in my bag. Because I use plastic WAY too much. (I’m picky and haven’t found one I adore yet… until)

Hello(!) Lizania Cruz‘s “Book Bag”.

It looks like a book!

But opens up into a tote bag!

Two birds! One stone. I may not have much money; but if I were to see this in a store I’d very likely squeal and make a mad dash to the register. I’d go buy coffee and sit on a park bench opening the “book” and folding it back in again. I’d buy something just so I could carry it around. I’d go home and write some of my favorite quotes in the lines. I’d gleefully show it off to my friends.

Look how excited I am over a foldable bag.

And to think, it was Only A Promotional Item (sent out to Anthropologie’s top customers as a thank you/Holiday gift). I’m pouting. My poor book and kitsch loving heart is broken.

Why! oh Why..

via SwissMiss

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