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Running with Seam Rippers


So, it’s that time of year when everyone is walking around in a coat (except for you warmer climate readers ::glares::)…which means I’m confronted every.single.day with one of my huge pet peeves:

People who leave the tacking in on the vents of their coat. (Of course, this pertains to many jackets (suit or not) and pleated, slit and vented skirts. This applies to both men and women. I have seen it all.)

For whatever reason, I can’t not notice this and every single time I want to run up to the person in question and let them know they ought to take that little “X” stitch out. That it’s a temporary stitch, meant to keep the garment in question all nice and neat while in production, in transport, hanging up the store and then hanging on your body when you try it on and strike a pose in the mirror.

Since I can’t figure out the right way one ought to make such a suggestion, and since it would probably be even more strange of me to dash over to them with a little pair of scissors and yank it off whilst emitting a small squeal of glee, I’ve wound up scooting around behind them trying to snap a picture of the sartorial mishap. Sometimes this works better than others.


Some of these tacks are just temporarily meant to hold a vent together. The vent’s presence in your garment is intended  to allow for movement and comfort while wearing – dashing around, sitting up and sitting down, striding down the street and up and down steps. Kind of like a slit in a tight skirt (where, ahem, I’ve also seen some ladies leave in those little “X” tacks), they allow for a wider range of motion in an otherwise somewhat constricting garment.

When you don’t take this tack out, the coat/jacket/skirt will wind up bunching and gapping in a strange way when you move. It can be kind of hard to capture on camera, but trust me, it’s there. SO very there. Take that “X” out and rock that sophisticated coat.

Some of the tacks are also holding down pleats that are usually intended for both aesthetic AND movement purposes. When you don’t take the tacks out, something like what’s going on in the picture above happens. A chic, fun, kick-y feature of the coat now looks, well….awkward…to say the least. Even more awkward in a skirt/dress. Move freely and let that coat/skirt/dress swing around you as it was intended. Pretty pretty please. With a cherry on top.

Additionally, the pockets in some jackets – especially those of suits – and some pants as well, come tacked closed. If you can fit a finger in there, notice the stitching is pretty loose and can feel a pocket pouch, it’s safe to say that you can take those stitches out. Personally, I’ve plucked them out with my fingers, but you can also use scissors or seam rippers.

Ask my former roommate how excited I was when, after I told him about these little mishaps, he let me inspect and take out the tacking in a nice corduroy blazer of his. I was jazzed. Very, very.

What can I say, I’m easily (or dork-ily) amused.

Now, go check your coats, jackets, pants, skirt and dresses and save a girl a little anxiety.

Not all that’s broken is as it seams


This charming but dark little animation is about a determined little seamstress who tries to repair the world from the damages of war with her trusty needle and thread. Her stitches are beautiful and delicate in their strength to fix things, but just how stable are they?

Trois Petits Points (Three Dots) was created by students from GOBELINS, l’école de l’image: Lucrèce Andreae, Alice Dieudonne, Tracy Nowocien, Florian Parrot, Ornélie Prioul, and Rémy Schaepman.

(love the murky, muted color palette) (( one day soon, my darlings, i will write you a nice longer post :))


Sew little time


I like pincushions and I like watches. So, when I spotted this little ditty by litteclouds I felt a little giddy. It’s perfect. And I love stuff like this. It’s handy AND it’s like a voodoo doll/object for that never(!) enough(!) time(!) feeling we all get sometimes.

Maybe you remember the project in the young days of Thoroughly Modern Tilly where I made a lip gloss “watch”, after discussing why I love things like the watch pincushion above – click the pic to check it out:

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Since my brother DID just call me gadget obsessed


So, I was cruising around Gizmodo just a few minutes ago and my eyes may have bugged out of my head for a just a moment when I saw this massive picture of Brother’s new QuattroT 6000D sewing machine; and I thought damn, that must be one high-tech as hell sewing machine to make an appearance on Gizmodo’s gadget-y fabulous blog. (I mean, a sewing machine on a gadget blog?!)

And my friends, this little (err, big) darling packs a whole LOT of gadget-y goodness. You can sort of tell who they’re aiming to sell this sexy(?) beast to when in a video on their site introducing you to the machine the woman calls it “High-tech but friendly”. Friendly. I can’t lie. I laughed.

This machine has so many features (and some of them are pretty darn cool) that I won’t even attempt to state them. I’m guessing you can get the high-tech vibe just from looking at this picture (HD display!). Do feel free to check out the site though for anything and everything you wanted to know about this verifiable machine.

It certainly makes my little machine look like peanuts, even though it totally has a digital display:

And what about my best friend’s super awesome vintage model (that I’ve always lusted over):

Now. I’m sure that machine is super-duper fabulous for embroidery and quilting… But I wonder how many people would use it for just standard sewing in which case your general sewing machine will do. Or even *Gasp*(!) Your Own Two Hands:

(Yeah, that’s me spending a really long time hand hemming a dress. Because, I don’t always entirely trust my machine for that.)

But who am I kidding? I’d likely get a kick out of being able to get my hands on that Brother QuattroT 6000D for a few minutes (or hours)((or days…)). Because after all I do read up on gadget-y goods regularly and did have a heated debate/argument with my brother on the general superiority/awesomeness of the iPhone and Apple products. Function AND Form, Baby. (Not uncommonly way too lacking in gadgets)

(Just remember darlings: I’m high-tech but friendly)

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