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Imaginary photoshoot


My brain feels kind of mushy at the moment, allergies and tiredness from wandering around and whatnot. But, I did spot some fun and lovely little things yesterday as I wandered and I couldn’t help but imagine them all together in some fun little photoshoot.

I saw this super rad couch first. It’s such a fabulous color! It would immediately bring heaps of character to any room.

Then I saw this fabulous little show-girl-esque ditty over at Patricia Field where I was hunting (to no avail) for some darling little hair snoods for my growing ‘do. This piece is hilariously wonderful, and I immediately thought of  the burlesque scenes from Gypsy.

We did the play when I was in high school, and though I eagerly did the costumes, I secretly longed to play Louise (aka Gypsy)((unfortunately, I couldn’t even think about auditioning as I was committed to a different sort of performance art and show dates conflicted… so instead, I went to war battling over costumes with some kids who didn’t know 1920’s from the 1950’s. Oy)).

I imagined lounging on the previous couch in this dress like a retro glamazon. What fun!

Then I stumbled past this door. Which is awesome. Posing in front of this in a heavily beading vintage showgirl dress. Curtains up!

Then! I could perch on top of this swoon-worthy Moroccan-y whatever-it-is (that I’d kill to have in my apartment along with that couch, ahem) and sing sing sing. Maybe.

And then. Then! Here. Because I’m really pale. And I’m in a old school burlesque get-up. Maybe I’m just a ghost….. wooooo. Are you scared? I’ll sneak into some room and be a shimmy-ing, bead jangling ghost. You’re shaking in your boots, I know.

(bah. No one who has the video will allow it to be embedded. Apologies. It’s adorable, I recommend watching it anyway.)

What a fun little trip, ey? Mutimedia posts are a grand old time! And if not. Well, blame it on the mushy-head, because allergies suck.

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Rock that rainy day: Pare*Umbrellas


Spring has arrived, sunshine, rain showers, and… allergies. Oh, heavens, how the allergies are killing me. I’m usually not a huge fan of rainy days (save for yesterday ((and from the looks of it a little later on today, too)) when the rain put a damper on the pollen-fest that’s been rampant) what with all of the walking I do here in the city, what with all of the people crammed into small spaces, and well… I can go on and on. The problem with spring and the coming summer is, of course, the blaring sun which I commented on last year while I pondered the possible joys of carrying around a lady-like parasol. Some of the examples even happened to be umbrellas! Double duty! Yeah! And it’s true that a pretty umbrella adds a little bit of pep to a gray day. And just today I spotted pare*umbrella‘s awesomely lovely umbrellas meant to protect you from gray, wet days as well as super sunshine-y ones.

The Seattle based company was inspired by the fashionable nature of umbrellas in Japan, which happens to be where the artist I’m featuring along-side the umbrellas is from. Jun lives in Tokyo and I’ve admired her work for some time. When I saw the pare*umbrellas, I remembered seeing a lot of umbrellas in Jun’s work, and then was doubly delighted once I read pare’s background info and learned they were inspired by Japan’s fashionable rain gear.

Lovely, aren’t they (both the umbrellas and the art)? If you happen to want to get your hands on one of the pare*umbrellas, hurry on over to their site: the umbrellas being sold only between April 15th – May 18th! (also, I didn’t feature them all, and a few come in different colorways, so check them out).

(Throw on a pretty fluffy skirt, pull on a pair of rain boots, grab your nice big umbrella and dance in the rain!)

And if you want to see more of Jun’s work click right here. (heads up, the site is all in Japanese).

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What would I give..


To be able to travel back in time and dance with Gene Kelly. Maybe have legs like Cyd Charisse. Sigh. I had a huge crush on Gene when I was a teen. Now, older and wiser, I have fully realized that he is a)really no longer alive and that b) time travel is a long, long way off. Such a pity.

Anyway, Happy Saturday, and enjoy this gorgeous, standout scene from the classic Singin’ in the Rain.

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