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Fascinated by: Amanda Wachob tattoos (*updated)


Spotted this tattoo by artist Amanda Wachob described as a “distilled water tattoo” and became immediately fascinated. I scurried lickety-split to her (tattoo) site and eagerly ogled pictures of her “bloodline” tattoos which are created using distilled water as opposed to ink, and are impermanent; “An ideographic shape carries thought and stands for something beyond itself. It is intended that as your body heals the mark, the symbol’s energies are absorbed.” It’s like an art hickey.

Wachob also creates beautiful abstract paint swash-y tattoos. I’m pretty amazed at those too, and I imagine it takes a certain kind of skill to render such realistic depictions of paint swashed onto skin.

She certainly makes me kind of intrigued about getting a tattoo. I think something like either of these would be pretty fun; and hey, the distilled water kind isn’t permanent. Might kind suck though to get tattoo-needled only to have it disappear. But I kind of like that idea, too. Deep transientness. Interestingly enough, she works right here in NYC at Daredevil Tattoo. Tempting.

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WAIT! So, I can *make my own* temporary tattoos?!


Cruising around the blogosphere this lovely Saturday morning, I happened to stumble across this post in which artist Julia Pott’s temporary tattoos are listed as “one of the top ten things to love”. Neat!, I thought, she *made* those totally adorable temporary tattoos with her own artwork; and so naturally my next thought was: wait! wait! wait! Does this mean that I, too, could design/make my very own temporary tattoos?! Could anyone?!

And the answer, my lovelies, is hell, yes!

I can’t deny that I’ve flirted with the idea of getting a tattoo/tattoos. There’s something interesting about someone who’s got one and/or a bunch of really good (emphasis on good) tattoos((aka actual body art and not some lopsided rose you decided on while drunk one night)). I never thought too much about them until my friend and I did this really awesome project on body modifications for our Social-Psychological Impacts of Clothing class in college and in our research came across a number of really beautiful pieces of tattoo art. And course, I’ve seen both some really awesome and some really awful real-life examples. There’s something interesting about making that kind of statement on your skin and the fact that you can’t run away from it (at least not without expensive medical procedures). All of the things they can represent and remind you of, the things they can tell other people about you.

The permanence intimidates me, however, as well as the needles (as I suppose it does to many people). Also, perhaps, a bit of the fact that tattoos and other such body modifications are so common now that I find the notion of keeping the body pure as a piece of art of it’s own interesting, as well as the fact that being naked in theory ought to generally be an equalizer of sorts but with a lot of modifications you’re telling people about you and inviting judgements instead of encouraging others to actually talk to one another to learn about each other.

Which is why I so thoroughly enjoy the thought of making my own temporary tattoos. My skin can say whatever I want it to say for a period of time. Body art and expression divorced from permanence = a whole new level of possibilities! Sooo much better than simply drawing on myself (a former past-time, haha)

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