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The Grey Area


This portion of The Grey Area choreographed by David Dawson captured my attention a good few years ago and mesmerized me completely. I’d saved it as a favorite, but at some point in time it mysteriously disappeared and I’ve hunted for it here and there ever since. So I was relieved to have finally found it again, so that I could watch it and become drawn into the dancers incredibly fluid and organic movements once more. And it was just as enchanting as I remembered, this dialogue between two people who just happen to be classically trained ballet dancers. What I love about this piece is the way that it sort of strips away the hardcore, fine-tuned, precise sort of technique of classical ballet and turns it into a modern, incredibly organic, and emotive sort of piece. It’s almost as if a relationship was taken and it’s conversations were stripped of words so that there was only the movement to express yourself. As though you are watching a conversation/interaction between lovers.. the agreements, the arguments, the familiarity, the making up, the indecision, the soft words with the mute button on. And I love how they keep dancing as the curtains slowly descend, reminding that though we’re usually given an “end” to a story, it still goes on (somewhere).

If you enjoyed this, and even if you just enjoy ballet/dance and/or are curious about it and the process behind the creation of a dance, I would highly recommend the video on the making of the 3 part ballet. I watched all three portions (each 10 minutes) of the documentary and enjoyed it immensely. It’s very well done. Portions one, two, and three. Go!

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