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I see London, I see France…


… I’m seeing ankles peaking out from below short pants:

Interestingly, I’ve seen some pants displayed in stores lately with the cuffs rolled up. Is it moving beyond practicality and into a preferred aesthetic? Hmm. Some pants just seem to work better rolled in my opinion; and I don’t mind the whole short pants look the way they are worn here, as I never caught onto the high-water, capri pant trend of 8 to 10 years ago (or so). In these cases, the pants length most definitely augment and become integral to the look.

I know the bicyclist likely didn’t intend his tied up pants to be a fashion statement so much as a practicality; but I think it’s charming, personally. It reminded me of the time I was hanging out at a friend’s house and when I was leaving and tried to zip up my knee high boots the zipper all out broke on me. The only thing he had to offer for help was a piece of twine; so I wrapped it around my boots and tied it in a bow and went on my merry way. I was slightly amused by the look (and/or I just really loved/missed the boots) and briefly attempted to make it a “thing” by also trying out and artfully wrapped scarf. Alas, I came to find that no matter how I tied it after too much walking the scarf/twine would slip down to my ankles and the boots would gape open awkwardly. Oh well, we all make fools out of ourselves sometimes.

The wrapped looked has work so much better when wrapped around just the pants.. or at least shoes that can keep themselves closed.

photos from The Sartorialist

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