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The Wrap-able Boot


The dancer in me can’t help but adore wrapable shoes (oh how I miss those pointe shoes! *sniffle*), and these elastic wrap boots from Toms are absolutely no exception. The elastic wrap bit also reminds me a bit of the Ace bandages I’d sometimes have to wrap around my knee! But, of course the cool thing about being able to wrap them yourself, is that you can adjust the height. And hey, gone is the problem of not being able to cram my sometimes (err, formally) large calves into boots, or having trouble getting them zipped up over the tights, socks, and leg-warmer (sometimes jeans in there, too) combo I tend to don in the height of winter that always seems to result in boots with busted zippers (seriously, I have two pairs I still need to take in and get fixed)….

Anyway, the super awesome things about all of Toms Shoes is that for every pair you buy, a pair is given to a child in need in Argentina and South Africa. The boots also happen to be vegan-friendly, and come in black, brown, tan, olive green, and red. Personally, I’m loving the red…. Red being my black and all.

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