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Eye Spy


My best friend Sara is in town for about six weeks, which makes for lots and lots of wandering around and exploring of the city. Last week, if you haven’t noticed, was particularly warm. Scorching, in fact. Not unlike hell. But. I had my bestie with me, we stopped often for snacks and drink, and for have-i-burnt-to-a-crisp-yet-even-though-i’m-wearing-60spf-sunblock-? checks. We stumbled into ABC Carpet and Home and found ourselves in a 6-floor wonderland of homegoods. And couches. Which we sat on. To, you know, debate their comfy factor. Of course we found one that was so heavenly in squish factor that neither wanted to get up. It was a couch you could live on. Alas, we moved on and explored, snapping pictures like wild women of pretty and interesting things. Looking at them afterward, I realized that my hasty quick-snap pics aren’t quite as perfectly formed as I would have liked (oops) and, of course, that there were little bits of (quasi-esque, at times) groupings. A few pics for you, my lovelies:

Spirography-y shapes!:

(this one may not be super-spirograph-y, but i wanted to share it at least because of the awesome colors)

Giant! (Table-y) Lamps!:

Don’t these look like fabulously oversized table lamps? Awesome. You could have a bit of Honey I Shrunk the Kids right in your living room.

Luxurious Layers:

For some reason, the layering of similar objects really struck me. I know you would normally find that people have collections of small things. But the look of pulling together bunches of larger objects is kind of interesting.

The Undoing of the classy chair:

I don’t think I’d want to lounge in one of these, but there’s something about something about a chair that used to be so regal looking a bit (or a lot) undone. It makes you think about the “life” that chair has led. And there’s always something kind of intriguing about seeing finery broken and imperfect. It makes me think of the people who trash their wedding dress instead of preserving it.

And, apparently, I find worn-down, worn-in, and somewhat destroyed things utterly fascinating. Oh, the patina that life adds to our walls, floors, ceilings, etc.

If walls (and floors) could talk:

The many, many layers of paint just kills me with it’s beauty. All those colors. The rough edges. The rich textures. *Swoon*

And especially lovely in metals. Loving the coolness of the patina-ed metal and the warmth of brick.

With the right pairing of furniture, these worn floors can look really lovely.


Now that I think about it, after compiling all of these pics, is that you can sort of sum up the things that seemed to catch my eye into two categories:

In the manner of taking things/ideas that might be smaller and making them bigger. We do everything over-sized here in the States (ahem, food portions *cough cough*), massive couches (..etc), large collections of small things (porcelain cats!). And now we’ve blown up table-lamps, or the shapes from our childhood spirograph game, or made collections of large unexpected objects (like headboards) and they look beautiful. (Granted, I’m not sure the store intended to sell the lot of headboards as a design feature. Their pairing may have just been a matter of practicality, but it managed to look beautiful in that corner with the sun shining in.


In the manner of being worn-in. We’ve grown more accustomed to doing without. To not buying new things all of time, to appreciating vintage. Those things tend to lack in perfection. They’re worn in, they have holes, spots are worn away. But the new grunge isn’t about looking inherently dirty, but in appreciating the life of the things that surround us, and accordingly our own lives and the way they have shaped us.

Some of the pictures manage to combine the two themes.

I’m terrible and didn’t manage to catch the names of any/all designers. If you should express interest in any one particular, I’d be happy to track them down for any of you dear readers.

And now, just because I feel like sharing, the (not so) magical (!) traveling golden swan bicycle basket:

Spotted first in Union Square months upon months ago and again last Wednesday right in my own neighborhood of Bushwick. (finger in the pic, not so suave)

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Double double toil and trouble


I’m not really a sunglasses girl. At all. Mostly because my head/face is really small and I feel like they all look awkward on me (and I lose and/or break them). Especially when that whole massive sunglasses trend was happening and my jewelry designing spot at Bendel’s was right across from the sunglasses; and so, when things were slow, naturally we’d all be trying on the glasses. And I swear even the one’s I thought looked pretty good everyone told me were too big. Sheesh. Not that sunglasses have ever really, truly captured my interest with the gusto that many women (and some men) experience (seriously, I had to watch people try on and obsess over sunglasses ALL DAY). But. These lovelies by Dolce and Gabbana tickled my fancy pretty immediately. Because I do enjoy layering things, and mixing modern and vintage – and these have a nice almost cat-eyed detail (yeah, I really don’t know how to describe sunglasses very well).

I actually think it’d be really interesting if they weren’t sunglasses at all, but regular ones. At least, something with a similar idea. I wonder how that would look. Because it can be hard to know what kind of regular glasses to go with when your style can change day to day. This way you could be retro and modern and offbeat/quirky (unless it really catches on, and then you’d just be *sigh* trendy) all at the same time. Double the frames, double the fun!

Also, these remind me of when you wear glasses and you go to see a 3-D movie, and you have to wear glasses on top of glasses. Haha. Just sayin’.

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My small feet


Will never, ever fit into these fascinating, gorgeous Gucci Men’s boots. Not that I could afford them, anyway. I can’t deny, though, my heart’s a little broken. Why is it that I’ve mostly been admiring men’s shoes lately, especially when my dear little feet have nary a chance of fitting into them? Prancing around the city in heels just doesn’t usually work for me. It’s odd because while these shoes are so pristine and shiny….they sort of remind me of the oily stickers I coveted in my childhood sticker collection phase.

Of those creepy, yet oddly beautiful opalescent effect of nasty oil in puddles


Of the city’s grunge.. colors layered upon one another with dirt and grime and the rust of age.

Yes, these shoes would fit in quite nicely here among the duality of grunge and glitz of the city.

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The Great Downgrade


Conspicuous consumption; we all know that it’s just not cool anymore. So, now when you buy a fancy schmancy iPhone (because they are awesome, after all) you can buy a cover that takes it’s sexy appeal and brings it down a notch or ten. No sir, no need to buy a super pretty art cover when you can make your phone look like one of our former favorite phones and music devices that have been tossed around a little or a lot; like some old gadgetry you’ve taken apart and has a steampunky appeal; like a piece of the city’s sidewalk! I’m definitely a bit sweet on old-school Gameboy reminiscent cover pictured above by Michael Sison. I like how it has a hint of girlyness. Reminds me of my old gameboy on which I used to play my super rad Little Mermaid game.

We’ve got the zweiPhone stickers, which use photos of old, used mobile phones to “bring back a piece of classic design history on the back of blank and impersonal iPhones.” Their motto: downgrade today.

Paul Burgess’ Urban Dirty Collection. The grime and decay of cities can be beautiful. Dress your phone up with a grass/moss tinged sidewalk crack with“Greenary”, a “Grimey Grill”, or a rusty lock with “Got it on lock”.

The 80’s have long gone, but the era has been bopping around in fashion lately. Now you can have that boombox-to-your-ear look without the weight of the out of date real deal by using Lyle Owerko’s Boombox or Boombox II stickers. Oddly enough though, I’ve still seem a few fellows carrying around a smaller sort of boombox blasting music while lounging in Washington Square Park.

Steampunk-y renditions by Colin Thompson with his “Steampunk” ( the gears, perhaps of a steampuk phone revealed) and Underworld (the “interface”, perhaps, of said steampunk phone) stickers.

And, of course, you can always go for the straight of motherboard look. For the true tech-y. By Derek Prospero.

Intriguing little trend, is it not?

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Motivation sans cheese


So, I happen to be madly in love with these fabulous alternative motivational posters from Right Brain Terrain sold at Vitamin D(esign). As much as I adore pictures of cute kittens hanging off of trees imploring me to “hang in there”, these lovelies will get you inspired to do your thing without the requisite cheesiness of your typical motivational poster. And they’re pretty. Function + art = A+ in my book. Not to mention they’re “printed on 100% post-consumer recycled papers that are FSC certified and certified processed chlorine free (CPCF)…print[ed] with vegetable based inks, such as soy.” – so your green side will be satisfied, too.

I also happen to dig this other poster (a re-creation of a Brittish WWII original) that seems to be taking the blog world by storm:

It may not be motivational, persay, but if you happen to be a panic-er like myself it could be a helpful reminder in the midst of it all to basically shut up and get on with it. And sometimes you need that, y’know? If you want to purchase a poster like this you could try ReForm School. Or you can search Etsy for other reproductions such as this one that comes in different colors(!).

I’d love for more artists to jump on this concept of alternative/different motivational posters.

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