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Playing coy


I do adore this lovely photo (and magnificent gown) of Jean Patchett spotted on My Vintage Vogue. When I looked at it again, I realized it sort of reminds me of a bunch of little 50’s headpieces stitched together.

Like any of the ones you see perched atop my at-the-time-overly-cluttered dresser. (The two on my head are my own little creations)


Not Your Grandmother’s Matyroshka Dolls


(My ((Russian)) grandmother’s nesting dolls)

I was quite delighted to spot these delightful little updates to the traditional Matyroshka dolls whilst perusing a Russian Vogue during one of my periodical devouring sessions at Barnes & Nobles yesterday afternoon. Since, most unfortunately, I cannot read a lick of Russian, I was forced to dig into the internet to get a bit more info; and so, I found out that in honor of Russian Vogue‘s tenth anniversary, the magazine asked 30 designers to design a Matryoshka doll (aka nesting dolls) in their own design aesthetic. Here’s a peak at the results (you can see them all on Vogue):

Alena Akhmadullina, Stella McCartney

Emilio Pucci, Marc Jacobs

Konstantin Gayday, Dries Van Noten


In case these little darlings got you pondering up your very own design:

A DIY Matryoshka doll set!!

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