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Sew little time


I like pincushions and I like watches. So, when I spotted this little ditty by litteclouds I felt a little giddy. It’s perfect. And I love stuff like this. It’s handy AND it’s like a voodoo doll/object for that never(!) enough(!) time(!) feeling we all get sometimes.

Maybe you remember the project in the young days of Thoroughly Modern Tilly where I made a lip gloss “watch”, after discussing why I love things like the watch pincushion above – click the pic to check it out:

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A rather random train of thought about…..watches


As I was fluttering around the internet one afternoon, bopping along from site to site and blog to blog, I happened upon this delightfully awesome wooden watch by Bless at Ooga Booga (right). Heartbreakingly, it’s out of stock… and from the looks of my further internet sleuthing has been for some time. (Though a few minutes ago I stumbled upon another wooden watch by Bless, the ebony digital styled one on the left and that one is for sale – from the looks of it – at Chi Ha Paura…?).

Anyway, after I saw and was enamored by that first darling little watch – because I happen to have a thing for things that look like one thing but are actually another and/or is an unexpected use of a generally common object – my mind got to thinking. About watches… and the particular affection I seem to have for (using) them (unconventionally), as evidenced by my oft-commented on watch necklace (will hopefully get a pic up soon), layering them, and even giving people non-working watches as gifts. The interest probably has something to do with the fact that though I like watches I don’t tend to use them for their intended purpose very often (I use my cell-phone, computer, or look on the wall)((as do many people these days, I believe)) and therefore see them as more of a jewelry-esque accessory versus a practical accessory, and also perhaps as a bit of a rebellion against our general obsession with time and the lack of it we seem to have. We’re always rush, rush, rushing. So, naturally, I can’t help but adore a wooden watch…because it takes that whole watch-as-jewelry idea and flies with it (as opposed to just running with it ((?)) AND essentially sort of stops time. Kind of.

Watches bouncing around in my head, I then remembered my Stepdad’s Reverso watch. It’s a watch that flips around to silver (?) that’s monogrammed, if I remember correctly. And I always sort of dug that idea. Partly because, as I said, I’m a fan of that sort of thing and partly because I tend to be a fidgety person and I could see really enjoying sitting around and flipping it around over and over again. It’s probably why he’d likely never let me borrow it, haha. Then I thought about the digital watches I had as a kid that were covered by an animated character on it and flipped open, and then I remembered the little bracelet I had that opened up and had some lipgloss in it. They still make those sorts of things but they seem to be either for kids, or really logo-ized. And I thought, gee, it would be nice to have something like that now but with a better lipbalm.. like, hey, Burt’s Bees. AND what if it looked like a watch. Brilliant(!), I thought, and hopped to it. So, here you go:

A tin of Burt’s Bees, some fabric (in this case some silk dupioni ribbon), a bit of paint, a bunch of dabs of Magna-Tac.. and voila!

It’s a wide wrap-y sort of deal.. the first thing that came to mind, though I enjoy wrapping some silk around as a bracelet anyway. I opted for some simple gold and black paint, because it makes it look sort of like a classy old-school face. Generally, I think it’s rather nifty and friendly idea.. like a candy bowl on the coffee table, but instead it’s lip balm on your wrist. You dig?

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